Big Nuts and Bolts

by Richard Atwell
(c) Copyright 2007-2011


To maintain your VW you will need a metric socket set and some wrenches but typically these sets only cover 8-19mm and even then they aren't complete 12pc sets.

I've compiled a list of uncommon size tools you will require to maintain your Baywindow bus. These are only some of the tools you'll need to do everything yourself but this list covers the common ones for maintenance.

Note: when you see a bolt size in Bentley it's only referring to the width of the threads. The diameter of the head of the nut/bolt and thus the size of the tool you will need is rarely mentioned.


Size Tool Needed Used to remove
7mm Box wrench Brake bleed screws
8mm XZN "triple-square" bit and (sometimes hex) CV joints
9mm Socket 091 Transmission throwout bearing guide sleeve
11mm Flare nut wrenches Brake lines
12mm XZN "triple-square" bit Drive plate (automatic)
20.8mm Spark plug socket (13/16") Spark plugs
22mm Box wrench Rear wheel bearing housing bolts
24mm Box wrench Alternator nut (Type 4), Steering wheel nut (75-79)
24mm Deep socket Oil pressure switch
27mm Socket Ball Joint nut
30mm Socket Pulley Nut (Type 1 engine)
30mm Socket 68-72 Pitman Arm Nut (M20x1.5)
32mm Socket 73 Pitman Arm Nut up to VIN 213 0 195235 (M22x1.5)
36mm Socket 73-79 Pitman Arm Nut from VIN 213 0 195236 (M24x1.5)
36mm Socket Gland Nut (Type 1 engine)
36mm Open ended wrench (thin, 4mm) Front camber eccentric bushing nut
46mm Socket Rear axle nut



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