Glasurit Paint Chips

by Richard Atwell
(c) Copyright 2007-2011


Are you repainting your VW? Are you tired of looking at scans of tiny paint chips on your monitor or those HTML web color approximations? Here are some large photos from a Glasuit Paint Chip book from the mid 80's. If the factory painted your VW, chances are the paint came from Glasurit. PPG and other companies have created formulas to mimic the original colors and they are generally pretty close.

As with any color you view on your computer, without color workflow calibration (from my camera to your monitor) there is no way you can be sure that a color that appeals to you will match the final sprayed product especially if you use an non-Glasurit paint (can't be helped). Also, keep in mind that even Glasurit samples are still samples and while very close to the actual paint, they are not 100% accurate.

The nice thing about these samples is that you get to see the colors relative to other colors you may have seen up close. This gives you a better idea of what the color will look like before it's sprayed. It also helps to compare colors within the same hue.

If you don't see the color you are interested in, I'm sorry but I don't have any more photos so please don't ask. There were about 40 pages of colors in that book mostly from the 70's and 80's but I only had time to snap photos of the 60's and 70's solid colors used by aircooled VWs.

Paint Codes:

How do you find out what color your bus was painted?

M-code paint and interior colors (

The color code is stamped on the m-plate. R1R1 for example is VW's code for pastel white. Why do the matching paint codes begin with L? L is short for Lacke which is German for lacquer (paint). L90D would be the Glasurit code for R1R1. Sometimes there is a silver sticker behind the front seat that gives the L-code and name of the paint used by the factory.

Note: several other sites have converted these German names into the English equivalents. See the References below until I have time to convert the names myself.

Click on the images to see 960x1280 versions of these pages.

Paint Chips:

golfblau L390

rubin L456

anthrazit L469

javagrün L518

bahamablau L519

terrabrun L571

panamabeige L572

Glasurit VW pg1

L320 delphingrau hell

L345 lichtgrau

L452 paprika

L87 perlweiß

L289 blauweiß

L360 seeblau

L380 türkis

fontanagrau L595

deltagrün L610

savannenbeigr L620

ultramarin (VW-blau) L633

zenitblau L639

granadarot L639

königsrot L30A

Glasurit VW pg2

L62 elfenbein

L478 beryllgrün

L512 samtgrün

L568 seesand

L50K neptuneblau

L282 lotusweiß

L567 elfenbein

signalorange L20E

bahiarot L30E

albertblau L51E

irischgrün L60E

ulmengrün L60D

hellelfenbein L80E

pastellweiß L90D

Glasurit VW pg4

L50H brilliantblau

L51K chromblau

L62K zypressgrün

L90C togaweß

L630 colbatblau

L10E pampasgelb

L20D clementine

marinablau L54D

weidengrün L63K

kansasbeige L91D

texasgelb L10B

saturngelb L13M

leuchtorange L20B

kasanrot L30B

Glasurit VW pg7

L63M hippigrün

L11H sierragelb

L12D shantunggelb

L31F iberischrot

L31H chiantirot

L50D saphirblau

L53D niagrablau

olympiablau L51P

biscayablau L52B

orientblau L53H

sambesigrün L64K

apfelgrün L64M

ravennagrün L65K

pastellweiß hell L90/02D

Glasurit VW pg8

L51B enzianblau

L61B sumatragrün

L13H ceylonbeige

L13K sonnengelb

L15M zitronengelb

L30M tomatenrot

L32K phönixrot

tropengrün L60A

cliffgrün L61A

lofotengrün L61H

berbergelb L11D

banagelb L11Y

nepalorange L20C

cadizorange L21C

Glasurit VW pg10

L10A ralleygelb

L11C brilliantgelb

L16M tunisgelb

L20A marinogelb

L27N mandarin

L31A senegalrot

L31M ibizrot

atlasweiß L91Z

orange L28N

daphnegrün L45N

grün L46Q

grün L46M

riffblau L52K

schwarzblau L52M

Glasurit VW pg11

L21Z tibetorange

L30C malage

L32Z koralle

L50C lagunblau

L51C miamiblau

L54Y aquablau

L62Y signalgrün

viperngrün L98B

viperngrün L96N

atlantic metallic L98Y

tombac metallic L99K

noisette metallic braun met. L89P

topas metallic L99D

silbergrün L99N

Glasurit VW pg12

L97B ancona metallic

L97C rot metallic

L98C hellas metallic

L99B hellas 75 metallic

L99M ischia metallic

L96Y malachit metallic

L97Y tizian metallic

polizeigrün L67Z

oregonbeige L81D

achatbraun L86Z

titanweiß L93Z

riadgelb L11A

panamabraun L12A

dakotabeige L13A

Glasurit VW pg13

L57H oceanicblau

L62D carolinagrün

L62F silvrettagrün

L62H baligelb

L63H taiga

L63Z spanischgrün

L66Z minzgrün

baligrün L62A

manilagrün L63Y

krötzgrün L70Q

smokgrau L71R

schweizerbraun L85H

ockerbraun L89H


Glasurit VW pg14

L21H marinogelb

L21M orange

L31B marsrot

L32A brokatrot

L46Q australiengrün

L47Q signalgrün

L50A bahiablau

Some Blues compared:

Glasurit blues

Color References:


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