VW Baywindow Bus - Engine Sounds

by Richard Atwell
(c) Copyright 2005-2020


I've been wanting to create a set of sounds that describe a properly running engine ever since I first heard the John Muir Diagnostic Sounds a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately that site has been down for a long but recently a mirror of these useful sounds appeared and upon hearing them again it motivated me to make my own recordings especially since John's sounds are Type 1 oriented.

Muir provides a great list of sounds; my own list is much smaller and more oriented towards correct operation so you can determine if your bus or one you are about to buy is in proper tune/condition. This is a low mileage GE engine from 1978 that has had some repairs but not been rebuilt (crank, cam, rods, pistons, cylinders, heads all the original from the factory).

All files are in MP3 audio format for compatibility. If you have trouble playing any of the files please let me know. I tried to get the best sound quality I could without investing in better equipment: I used my old Sharp minidisc unit from 1999 for portability and a Sony stereo electret mic. I imported them to the Mac and converted from ATRAC3 (analog) -> AIFF -> MP3.


Hydraulic Lifter Engine:

Solid Lifter Engine:

Bad Engine Noises:





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