Technical Bulletin

Subject: VWC Remanufactured 2.0l Air-Cooled Engine Group: 10

Number: 10-90 T01

Models(s): Type II/Vanagon 1975 - 83 MY Date: May 31, 1990

Engines, P/N 071 100 031AX, 039 100 031 B/C/DX, have been modified to improve heat transfer an increase durability. These changes effect Engine codes: GD, GE, CV.

The following improvements have been introduced as of remanufactured Engine number 89000.


  1. To eliminate seizing of pistons, increased piston/cylinder clearance from 0.03mm 0.008mm to 0.045mm 0.005mm.

  3. Eliminate aluminum seal 021 101 341A between cylinder and cylinder head.

  5. Eliminate paper gasket 021 101 341A between foot of cylinder and crankcase.

  7. Install 1.6mm aluminum shim 071 101 341, with adhesive D 000 400 at foot of cylinder to compensate for removed paper gasket and aluminum seal. Illustration 1. 

  9. To improve heat transfer, oil groves on both sides of the connecting rod to allow oil splash to cool bottom of the piston. Illustration 2


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