History of Hydraulic Lifters
Boston Bob's history of Hydraulic Lifters.
Low Oil Pressure at Warm Idle
Solutions for that stubborn oil light
Under Your Valve Cover
What is so complex about the stuff under valve cover?
Today's Fuels, Yesterday's Engines
"The manufacturers of our 'reformulated' gas were well aware that it would not meet the needs of some vehicles."
Wiper upgrade for the early Vanagon
Adding the wiper delay to older (80, 81, 82 & 83) vanagons.
The 009 Hesitation Blues '97
An overview of the problems encountered with a simple upgrade of the 009 distributor.
Cases, Studs, Cams and Cranks
Essential information that you'll need before you attempt a single or dual port VW engine overhaul.
Water Boxers Head Replacement
Insights & solutions to the most difficult aspects of the job, including a thorough parts list with part numbers.
So You Have a Fresh Engine and You Want It to Last
Some thoughts on how to treat a new motor.  This is on Bob's list of mandatory reading for his engine customers.
About Rebuilding The '72-'83 Air-cooled 17 + 18 2000cc Engines
The important things the manuals don't tell you about rebuilding these air cooled engines.
*The Forty Horse Engine*
Nifty tricks and tips Bob used when building Formula V engines. 
*Dedicated to the memory of Bill Murdock.*
Type 2-4 Heater Box Manifold Installation Tips
(Or Why Does My Van Backfire Every Time I Let Off The Gas)
A Gearhead's View
is a regular article found in The Transporter
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