1700cc longblock from AVP
Continuation of the assembly process (Not shown: mounting flywheel and pressure plate).

1/11/05 Secure the shroud.
1/11/05 Cleaned up the shroud and bolted it on (4 bolts behind the fan).
1/11/05 Another view.
1/11/05 Install the dipstick bellow before tightening the shroud bolts.
1/11/05 Attach the oil cooler bracket to the shroud.
1/11/05 Install the shroud's heater return flaps.
1/11/05 These are hard to find at the junkyard.
1/11/05 Install the alternator cover plate.
1/11/05 Thread the alternator harness through the tin.
1/11/05 Install the inspection hole cover / charcoal canister takeoff.
1/11/05 This hole must have been plugged at some point.
1/11/05 Lube the carb linkages.
1/11/05 I probably used too much.
1/11/05 Attach the coil and throttle return spring.
1/11/05 Install the front tin.
1/11/05 Mount the timing scale and grill.
1/11/05 Left heater box.
1/11/05 Left heater box.
1/11/05 Right heater box.
1/11/05 Right heater box.
1/11/05 This is the flange part number not the heater box.
1/11/05 Place an exhaust ring gasket in each exhaust port.
1/11/05 Use some high-temp anti-seize on the studs.
1/11/05 Place the hot air tub into position first.
1/11/05 Mount the heater box and torque down the bolts evenly to 14 ft lbs max.
1/11/05 Be careful not to crush the hot air flap when you lower the heaterboxes.
1/11/05 Use copper plated exhaust nuts.
1/11/05 Bolt the hot air tube to the heater box.
1/11/05 Engine support bar goes on before heater boxes or do it now.
1/11/05 Install the left air deflector.
1/11/05 Do the right heater box. You can install it with the hot air tube on.
1/11/05 ...and install the right air deflector.
1/11/05 Install the shroud/heaterbox cover plate and gasket.
1/11/05 Only use green loctite on these screws (and never with phillips head).
1/11/05 Secure heaterbox to alternator bracket.
1/11/05 The other side uses this little bracket.
1/11/05 Mount the heat deflector.
1/11/05 Use new exhaust gaskets from the gasket set.
1/11/05 Install the muffler.
1/15/05 Lube the inner side of the pushrod with MoS2.
1/15/05 Measure the push rod travel.
1/15/05 Add/Remove gaskets until push rod is at most 5mm at top of stroke.
1/15/05 Pack the pump with general purpose grease.
1/15/05 Mount the pump.
1/15/05 Fit the pump breather hose (missing grommet).
1/15/05 Attach the preheat tube.
1/15/05 Same screw mount the cup for the air cleaner.
1/15/05 Left flapper box tube.
1/15/05 Right flapper box tube.
1/15/05 Engine Carrier Clips. Leave the bolts slightly loose for now.
1/15/05 Oil filler grommet (NLA)
1/15/05 Left aux booster fan tube grommet.
1/15/05 Right aux booster fan tube grommet.
1/15/05 Lube pilot bearing (installed by AVP) and lube flywheel seal.
1/15/05 Don't forget the o-ring and the felt.
1/15/05 Check the endplay with bolts at 40 ft. lbs. then torque to 80 ft. lbs.
1/15/05 Install the clutch and pressure plate.
1/16/05 Ready to install after transmission mounted.
1/16/05 Engine mounted and ready for hookup.
3/1/05 #3 cylinder has 90% leakdown after only 735 miles.
3/1/05 AVP installed the drive pinion off by 1 tooth.
3/28/05 AVP just can't get the drive pinion right.
4/1/05 These worn lifters fromthe 1/2 side are a shamble.
4/1/05 The 3/4 side is just as worn.