1700cc longblock from AVP
New engine for my friend's 72 bus.

12/09/04 Sal from Mountain Valley Express didn't have a lift; tipped over box.
12/09/04 Styrofoam? Packet contains warranty and bag contains gaskets.
12/09/04 Metal straps secure plastic wrapped engine. Nice.
12/09/04 Gasket set missing one oil cooler seal. I'll use a spare.
12/09/04 The clean longblock.
12/09/04 Oil spill probably from driver's mistake.
12/09/04 Step cut 210mm flywheel you can ask for ($20).
12/18/04 Engine up on the stand.
12/18/04 AVP installs heat tabs to enforce their warranty. Industry practice.
12/18/04 They tap and plug two oil galleries on the front.
12/18/04 They do the same on the back. On 72-74 cases they weld over plug #3.
12/18/04 Drive pinion is secured in place during shipping.
12/18/04 Bottom of engine. These push rod tubes look new.
12/18/04 I believe this is o-ring lube.
12/18/04 Exhaust valve.
12/18/04 More silicone for leak insurance.
12/18/04 Valve covers look sandblasted. I scrapped off some remaining silicone.
12/18/04 Aluminum crush washers replaced factory spring washers.
12/18/04 Thrust washers missing from rocker shaft!
12/18/04 Valve adjustment screws are worn beyond worthwhile use
12/18/04 New strainer.
12/18/04 Oil drain hole was helicoil repaired from PO damage.
12/18/04 Nose of crank.
12/18/04 More silicone insurance on case thru bolts.
12/18/04 German flywheel seal.
12/18/04 This is a 73 case.
12/18/04 Block all the openings during assembly.
12/18/04 Clean all the old graphite from the o-ring seat.
12/18/04 If you can eat off it, you can install it.
12/18/04 Mount the flywheel but don't torque up the bolts yet.
12/18/04 Thoroughly clean the filter mount and transfer to the new engine.
12/18/04 Thoroughly clean the surface where the oil cooler seals reside.
12/18/04 Buy a new oil cooler if engine seized, otherwise flush the old one.
12/18/04 Hold oil cooler seals in place with oil.
12/18/04 Aftermarket cooler modified to fit mounting bracket.
12/18/04 Oil cooler spacers go under the nuts.
12/18/04 Remove the hub from the old engine.
12/18/04 You can use 3 pieces of metal instead of this curved tool.
12/18/04 Clean the machined surfaces.
12/18/04 Check that the fan hub o-ring was installed by AVP.
12/18/04 Mount the hub to the new engine.
12/18/04 Replace oily engine mounts with new ones from Meyle.
12/18/04 This is the orientation.
12/18/04 Oil filler tube.
12/18/04 Torque nuts firmly by hand.
12/18/04 Clean up pulley and remark TDC #1 notch.
12/18/04 Don't forget the fan spacer or a/c pulley (but not both!)
12/18/04 These aftermarket flywheel locks suck.
12/18/04 AVP goofed on this weld: it's too thick...
12/18/04 and it prevents the flywheel from rotating. I ground down the weld.
12/18/04 Crap. #4 exhaust won't pressurize properly.
12/18/04 Mockup of the tin to visualize the cooling.
1/08/05 Sent the engine back to AVP and they said nothing was wrong. Hmm.
1/08/05 I left the oil cooler and oil filler pipe on the engine.
1/08/05 The threads were ok before but mysteriously I had to chase them.
1/08/05 Put the distributor back. Take 2.
1/08/05 It looks like they ran the engine on their tester...
1/08/05 ...I sent in the engine with an empty oil filter.
1/08/05 Make sure the oil pressure sender is tight.
1/08/05 Install the two forward cylinder deflector tins.
1/08/05 Don't forget the oil cooler seal.
1/08/05 Install the left cover tin and the oil pressure switch boot.
1/08/05 Do the same with the right cover tin.
1/08/05 If you have carbs mount the air cleaner stand but leave the corner bolt.
1/08/05 Fit the breast tin.
1/08/05 Secure the left tin.
1/08/05 Install the left rear tin and secure all three tin pieces.
1/08/05 Do the same on the right side.
1/08/05 Put on the manifold gaskets.
1/08/05 Mount the intake manifolds and carbs but don't tigthen bolts yet.
1/08/05 Coming along...
1/08/05 Insert the plug for the flywheel hole.
1/08/05 Install the TDC marker or cover up this hole.
1/08/05 Opening in the breast tin.
1/08/05 Grommets.
1/08/05 Grommets installed.
1/08/05 Attach brake booster line.
1/08/05 Fit left brake booster elbow.
1/08/05 Fit right brake booster elbow.
1/08/05 Brake booster line.
1/08/05 Fix the mixture distributor (a lot to coordinate).
1/08/05 Secure the mixture dist. last with the large bolt.
1/08/05 Fit spark plug wire holders.
1/08/05 Attach both throttle return springs.
1/08/05 Fit cross bar.
1/08/05 Thermostat parts.
1/08/05 Fit thermostat.