1978 Campmobile
I can see the finish line! I think I went a little too far with the detail but it was worth the wait.

5/08/04 This is the orientation of the pipe inside the body cavity.
5/08/04 Approximate the molded hose. Measure twice, cut once!
5/08/04 Clamp the neck to the pipe and then install from the inside.
5/08/04 Poured in some gas to test for leaks.
5/08/04 Use only quality clamps that don't cut the hose. Spend that $1.50!
5/08/04 Pad to keep the pipe from rubbing on the body.
5/08/04 Pads keep the breather pipe from rubbing.
5/08/04 Firewall repainted and installed. Paintcan lid repainted correct color.
5/08/04 Engine access hatch repainted correct color.
5/09/04 Homemade fuel line. Clip holds one end in place, hoses do the rest.
5/09/04 I removed the tee for the gas heater until I can check it out.
5/09/04 Is this a production number on the ECU? I've seen it on the alternator.
5/09/04 Recirculating chemtool to clean out the fuel lines.
5/10/04 Looking good.
5/10/04 Top of the engine.
5/10/04 Putting the flywheel on at the very end.
5/10/04 Grommet for accelerator cable.
5/10/04 Fuel lines soaking in Marine Clean then more acid.
5/10/04 Transmission partial cleanup. Lots of work.
5/10/04 Other side of transmission.
5/10/04 Bellhousing mostly clean.
5/10/04 Nose cone.
5/15/04 Grommet size for alternator cable opening in rear tin.
5/15/04 Grommet size for fuel rail opening in rear tin.
5/15/04 Final assembly before exhaust.
5/15/04 Final assembly before exhaust.
5/15/04 Booster fan hose seals.
5/15/04 091 Nose cone seal.
5/15/04 091 Nose cone seal.
5/15/04 View from reverse switch. 22mm socket.
5/15/04 Hockey stick wear after 68k miles.
5/15/04 Inside nose cone.
5/15/04 Rear shift lever bearing. Slides back and forth with shift lever.
5/15/04 091 has 2nd bearing in front.
5/15/04 Gear carrier.
5/15/04 Intermediate shift lever
5/15/04 Intermediate Shift Lever
5/15/04 ID for nose cone shift level bearing.
5/15/04 The cursed ball joint.
5/15/04 How to remove the ball joint. Rotate 90 degrees.
5/15/04 Replace it before you get stranded with only 1st and 2nd gear.
5/15/04 Old shift ball is on the left.
5/15/04 Mfgr stamp on the hockey stick.
5/15/04 091 Gasket set.
5/15/04 Nose cone after some cleaning.
5/15/04 Bellhousing gasket.
5/15/04 Inside the main transmission housing.
5/15/04 Pinion bearing.
5/15/04 Reverse gears.
5/15/04 Magnetic drain plug.
5/15/04 Clutch operating fork bushing. Hard to clean...
5/15/04 Factory input shaft seal.
5/15/04 OEM input shaft seal.
5/15/04 Backside of the bellhousing.
5/15/04 Clutch lever.
5/15/04 Clutch operating fork installed.
5/15/04 Throwout bearing installed.
5/15/04 Use a screwdriver for leverage to get the TO bearing on.
5/15/04 Backup light switch.
5/15/04 Dowels on backside of flywheel for TDC marker.
5/15/04 Dowel marks correspond to these timing positions.
5/19/04 Oil stain on flywheel nose. Looks like a groove but it isn't.
5/19/04 Some heat stress marks.
5/19/04 Crust left behind from old o-ring.
5/19/04 New pilot bearing lubed with Bosch dizzy grease.
5/19/04 Factory installed shims gave me 0.15mm endplay (eek!)
5/19/04 5-pack of shims from Bus Boys.
5/19/04 More shims from High Performance House. 34,34,36 got me 0.09mm endplay.
5/19/04 Flywheel seal.
5/19/04 Flywheel seal installed.
5/19/04 O-ring goes on dry and felt ring takes a few drops of oil.
5/19/04 Flywheel bolted with new washer and bolts. Torqued to 80 ft. lbs.
5/19/04 Clutch installed.
5/19/04 Pressure plate bolted on and clutch splines lubed.
5/19/04 Preparation for oil leak testing.
5/20/04 Testing for leaks using a remote starter.
5/20/04 VDO oil pressure gauge joins the OT and CHT gauge on the wall of shame.
5/22/04 Leistriz flapper box clamps.
5/22/04 Starter's view of flywheel and starter bushing.
5/22/04 Boot that goes between nosecone and shift coupler.
5/22/04 Transmission support on nose cone.
5/22/04 Bonded rubbing bushing for transmission support.
5/22/04 Closest to original transmission ground strap I could fine.
5/22/04 Ready to go in as one unit.
5/22/04 Looking good.
5/22/04 Two jacks and a motorcycle jack.
5/22/04 New seal goes all the way around now.
5/22/04 Victory!