Almost back together. Had a few part snafus, change of mind about paint and general lack of time these days.

03/27/04 Alignment for the alternator bracket.
03/27/04 Fan and pulley painted original color scheme.
03/27/04 Bolted together.
03/27/04 NOS Valve cover.
03/27/04 Some shipping damage on the outside. New bails are really firm!
03/27/04 Oil cooler mount.
03/27/04 Oil filter mount and old gasket.
03/27/04 Oil filter mount.
03/27/04 Oil filter mount gasket. Rarely leaks but what the heck.
03/27/04 Oil filter mount sealed up.
03/27/04 New oil cooler seals.
03/27/04 Oil breather box o-ring. No part number!
03/27/04 Fan Shroud after final topcoat.
03/27/04 Oil filler tube hardware and gasket (asymmetric).
03/27/04 Oil filler tube bellows.
03/27/04 Shift Rod ready to go in.
03/27/04 Beware! I reused one bushing because I couldn't find a NOS one.
03/27/04 Front shift rod all lubed.
03/27/04 Belly pans cleaned and repainted.
03/27/04 New coat of paint on gastank to replace the flat black used last time.
03/27/04 Double Relay pin numbering.
03/27/04 Meyle engine mounts are best available.
03/27/04 70A alternator seal.
03/27/04 Alternator clamp. I'm not sure what happened to this OEM.
03/27/04 Alternator boot.
03/27/04 Oil cooler seal.
03/27/04 Engine tin coming together.
03/27/04 Install rear cylinder tin first. Thank goodness for mockups.
03/27/04 Fan shroud looking good.
04/03/04 Fuel filler neck comparison.
04/03/04 Fuel filler neck comparison.
04/03/04 Compare reproduction neck.
04/03/04 Compare OE neck.
04/03/04 Only 2 years old and already deteriorating.
04/12/04 Testing the flow rate of the pump.
04/12/04 1.5-2L/min is the minimum. This pump does 2-2.25L/min.
04/12/04 Some oscillation with the faulty pressure regulator.
04/12/04 Fuel pressure integrity tests.
04/12/04 NOS Pressure regulator from Germany.
04/12/04 New cold start valve from CIP1.
04/12/04 Some wiring notes.
04/12/04 Acid and baking soda. I don't recommend using this method.
04/12/04 Sort of new again. Apply stabilant 22A and some anti-ox spray.
04/12/04 10mm hose from the pump to the filter (dbl required length depicted).
4/15/04 The hose is snug because the OD is 12mm on the pump and filter.
4/18/04 Making a weatherproof battery cable.
4/18/04 Cut enough to slide into terminal.
4/18/04 Insert solder slug and torch. Push on cable and hold terminal.
4/18/04 Repeat with copper 8mm ring terminal bonded with solder slug.
4/18/04 Top quality battery cable terminals.
4/18/04 Sealed with adhesive lined heatshrink. Perfect!
4/19/04 Some Norma 50-70mm clamps for the filler pipe and neck.
4/24/04 VA bead blasted my intake manifolds. Thanks Ray.
4/24/04 He also blasted the filler pipe.
4/24/04 Used brake fluid to remove the paint on the inside.
4/25/04 Another fuel pump test with the PR attached.
4/25/04 Engine lid is original paint color for reference.
4/25/04 Various shades of gray I painted in a hurry in the past.
4/25/04 Got lucky and finally located the correct color.
4/25/04 Wurth Spraymaster. $5
4/25/04 Using POR tank sealer on the insides. Duct tape will leave a residue.
4/25/04 Inside coated and both sides etched with primer.
4/25/04 Color matched and back to original color.