Misc cleaning and reassembly
Don't even think about not dealing with the gastank and hoses behind the firewall when the engine is out! Replace the gas tank hose which cracks and the fuel filler neck.

3/08/04 Eight screws hold on firewall. Two of them are underneath.
3/08/04 Tricky devil #1
3/08/04 Tricky devil #2. Missing washer.
3/08/04 You can see some rust in the body cavity.
3/08/04 The body was dipped in a rust proof primer at the factory.
3/08/04 What to spray inside? Convert the rust?
3/08/04 Gastank and straps.
3/08/04 Replace these two hoses. Clamps are a good idea.
3/08/04 Replace these hoses as well.
3/16/04 Put JB Weld on the oil gallery plugs as a precaution.
3/17/04 Fan shroud after sandblasting.
3/17/04 Inside. It will polish to a shiny aluminum underneath the skin.
3/17/04 Painted the fan to match the shroud.
3/17/04 Front of the shroud. Only a few pits from aging.
3/17/04 Inside of fan shroud.
3/17/04 Painting in progress.
3/17/04 Painted shroud.
3/17/04 Assorted parts after naval jelly application.
3/17/04 Cylinder tin after rust removal.
3/17/04 Heater tubes and engine carrier after rust removal.
3/17/04 Starter.
3/17/04 Steel case rusts. Reman "X" units are painted.
3/17/04 Solenoid.
3/17/04 Solenoid mount on starter.
3/17/04 The wiring is dead simple! Why do people get confused?
3/17/04 Alternator case showing some corrosion.
3/17/04 Nine splines on drive pinion.
3/17/04 Alternator cleaned up. Not going to paint it.
3/17/04 Alternator terminals. Cables under B+ boot show no corrosion.
3/17/04 Alternator internals.
3/20/04 Put anti-seize on the tank strap bolts.
3/20/04 Going to spray body wax in here.
3/20/04 Fuel pump as mounted on later models.
3/20/04 Fuel pump orientation.
3/20/04 Heater accordian tube.
3/20/04 Underbody after some grime removed.
3/20/04 Underbody clean.
3/20/04 After wurth undercoating. Drip was my fault.
3/20/04 BA6 belly pan. No structural strength compared to the sunroof/panel pan.
3/20/04 Endless sandblasting media.
3/20/04 Front/Rear shift rod coupler.
3/20/04 Rear shift rod boot (torn).
3/20/04 Front shift rod boot (I collapsed it during removal).
3/20/04 Rear shift rod (middle bushing is VIN 217 2 053 839 and later)
3/20/04 Rear shift rod coupler.
3/20/04 Rear shift rod boot.
3/20/04 Read shift rod bushing.
3/20/04 Middle shift rod bushing.
3/20/04 Front shift rod bushing and front boot.
3/21/04 Front cover plate.
3/21/04 Shift coupler.
3/21/04 Remember shifter plate location.
3/21/04 Front shift rod parts.
3/21/04 Reproduction grommet died within 2 year. Get OEM from OEVeedub.
3/21/04 Shift plate and spring.