Engine Cleaning
A flywheel leak forced me to drop the engine. I decided to paint the engine tin and clean it up in general. Blew air into the heater boxes and found some leaks.

02/19/04 Sending the injectors off for cleaning.
02/20/04 Nut for adjusting the alternator belt tension.
02/20/04 Hot air tube is secured by bolt to right heat exchanger.
02/20/04 Shaft for air flaps held in place with plastic clips.
02/20/04 Spring simply hooks under shroud tab. One revolution of tension.
02/20/04 The flaps work asymmetrically: one closed, one open at extremes.
02/20/04 Linkage for oil cooler air flap.
02/20/04 Bolt holds alternator tin (only) to shroud.
02/20/04 Lower alternator bolt is carriage bolt that locks into a bracket.
02/20/04 Hard to reach nut on lower alternator bolt.
02/20/04 Engine fan in all it's glory.
02/20/04 The fan separates into two pieces.
02/20/04 Oil cooler support.
02/20/04 13mm fan shroud bolts.
02/20/04 Alternator adjustment/support bracket.
02/20/04 Nut and washers for bracket.
02/20/04 Lower end is mounted to heat exchanger (model specific!)
02/20/04 Back of alternator boot.
02/20/04 Shroud thru bolt.
02/20/04 Engine carrier clip orientation.
02/20/04 Alternator tin.
02/20/04 Alternator bracket.
02/20/04 Oil cooler seal.
02/20/04 Bracket is slightly adjustable unfortunately.
02/20/04 Back of alternator boot.
02/24/04 Fan shroud comes off AFTER heat exhangers.
02/24/04 First dowel pin holds shroud together.
02/24/04 Second dowel pin. Be careful prying halves apart.
02/24/04 Dipstick angle makes it hard to separate fan shroud.
02/24/04 Crude lock ring holds alternator boot in place.
02/24/04 Be as gentle as you can or leave it alone so it doesn't crack.
02/24/04 Sticker for hydraulic valve adjustment.
02/24/04 Dirty is better than oily.
02/24/04 Fan hub seal.
02/24/04 Support bar only goes on one way.
02/24/04 Oil cooler support. Don't strip screws.
02/24/04 Naked long block.
02/24/04 Oil breather box.
02/24/04 Case code painted on. Engine code stamped in.
2/27/04 Cleaned by Cruzin Performance. Ask for your seals back if you want them.
2/27/04 Sandblasted, painted, matched 1% and spray pattern restored.
3/4/04 Distributor is stock vacuum version (SVDA).
3/4/04 Love the pertronix.
3/4/04 Case mark on left side near cylinder #3. "W1"
3/4/04 Case lot number "692".
3/4/04 I don't know how to decode this mark yet.
3/4/04 Original oil cooler.
3/4/04 Inside the oil filler hole.
3/4/04 Can you believe hylomar leaves the head this nice without any cleaning?
3/4/04 Oil doesn't bake inside the head anymore.
3/4/04 Painter's undercoating overspray on the valve covers. Shazbot.
3/4/04 Flywheel resurfaced after all that slipping. $39.
3/4/04 Looks good. Clean with brake cleaner before installation.
3/4/04 Very hard to find stainless steel black oxide metric pan head screws.
3/6/06 Clutch cable.
3/6/06 Ground strap.
3/6/06 Fuel lines (metal line removed by me because of sludge).
3/6/06 Heater tube.
3/6/06 Oily bell housing from flywheel leak.
3/6/06 Clutch release bearing. Smooth action, minor wear.
3/6/06 Guide sleeve for release bearing (plastic).
3/6/06 Guide sleeve parts.
3/6/06 Left flange.
3/6/06 Right flange (too much grease).
3/6/06 Rear shift coupler.
3/6/06 Rear shift rod boot.
3/6/06 Nose cone boot.
3/6/06 Sticker on top of transmission (3078 or week 30 year 78?)
3/6/06 Clutch operating fork.
3/6/06 Clutch arm with 11mm head bolt.
3/6/06 Wiffle bushing. Interesting.
3/6/06 Removing clutch arm. Puller optional.
3/6/06 Clutch operating fork parts.