Partial diassembly of engine
A flywheel leak forced me to drop the engine. I decided to paint the engine tin and clean it up in general. Blew air into the heater boxes and found some leaks.

2/15/04 Clutch slipping. I suspected a flywheel seal leak.
2/15/04 Pressure plate marks from clutch disc.
2/15/04 Disc is oil contaminated and slips. Throw away.
2/15/04 Flywheel side is even worse.
2/15/04 Flywheel.
2/15/04 Current endplay is between 0.005 and 0.006".
2/15/04 POS flywheel lock needs spacer before you can undo the flywheel bolts.
2/15/04 Locking plate under the bolts. One use only, replace.
2/15/04 Flywheel seal. Do you see any problems?
2/15/04 Are radial marks a flywheel seal leak? Blue heat marks are bad.
2/15/04 Felt protects pilot bearing. Oil new felt before installation.
2/15/04 Replace o-ring. Was kinda gooey (due to brake cleaner or did it fail?)
2/15/04 Oil gallery plug.
2/15/04 Doesn't seem to be leaking.
2/15/04 Cam plug.
2/15/04 Some excess case sealant. Doesn't seem to be leaking.
2/15/04 Oil gallery plugs.
2/15/04 Doesn't seem to be leaking.
2/15/04 Casting mark on left case half.
2/15/04 Casting mark on right case half.
2/15/04 Remove pilot bearing. Lube new bearing with dizzy grease.
2/15/04 Definitely case sealant on the cam plug.
2/15/04 Cleaned up the area in prep for a new clutch.
2/15/04 Did all 4 plugs foul from the short drive across the parking lot?
2/15/04 Ready to start taking it down to the long block.
2/15/04 FI Wiring harness on left tucks under intake manifolds.
2/15/04 Wiring snakes under cold start valve.
2/15/04 A little tight for space in here.
2/15/04 Removing 3/4 fuel rail.
2/15/04 Flapper box support is sandwiched between back and lower tin.
2/15/04 Rear tin is on top.
2/15/04 Tin by left intake. Large washers on screw beside intake.
2/15/04 Left intake manifold removed.
2/15/04 FI wiring on the other side.
2/15/04 Longer bolt goes on bottom.
2/15/04 Cone grommet. Seems I never cleaned out the PR from the sludge days. Ew!
2/15/04 Tin screws below s-boot.
2/15/04 Last two screws holding back tin on.
2/15/04 Flapper box support on other side.
2/15/04 Make stencil of this to repaint afterwards.
2/15/04 Screws on right side of engine tin.
2/15/04 Screws under plenum on right side.
2/15/04 Top screw behind thermostat cable.
2/15/04 Aux air regulator has two screws.
2/15/04 Remember to reconnect thermostat cable.
2/15/04 Tab on tin for alternator cable.
2/15/04 Cylinders exposed. Expect to see this level of rusting.
2/15/04 Closeup of cylinders. Nuts looks rusty, best left alone.
2/15/04 Cold start valve has blue connector.
2/15/04 Thermo time switch has brown connector.
2/15/04 FI ground under plenum. Make sure it's clean!
2/15/04 Spark plug wire clip behind breather chinmey.
2/16/04 Comparison of old/new disc surfaces.
2/16/04 Seal is inset just at edge of chamfer. Supposedly ok...
2/19/04 State of exhaust bolts. Right side header.
2/19/04 State of exhaust bolts. Left side header.
2/19/04 State of exhaust bolts. Left side heater box.
2/19/04 State of exhaust bolts. Right side heater box.
2/19/04 Another shot of the seal. Looks ok so what's wrong?
2/19/04 Three shims.
2/19/04 No shims. #1 main bearing is visible now.