Undressing the engine. Many items have to be removed and transferred to the new longblock.

10/15/04 Intake preheater tin.
10/15/04 Two gaskets on preheater tin.
10/15/04 Type 4 mechanical fuel pump.
10/15/04 Fuel pump pushrod.
10/17/04 Brake booster line securing clip.
10/17/04 '72 only carb return spring. One for each carb.
10/17/04 Vacuum advance port on left side of left carb.
10/17/04 Vacuum retard port on right side of left intake manifold.
10/17/04 Central idling circuit mixture distributor and mount.
10/17/04 No.1 Intake.
10/17/04 No.2 Intake.
10/17/04 No.3 Intake.
10/17/04 No.4 Intake.
10/17/04 Breast tin grommets.
10/17/04 Oil bath support plates.
10/17/04 Driver's side HE elbow is sandwiched between upper and lower tin.
10/17/04 Thermostat cable and shaft.
10/17/04 Oil cooler tin blocks head. Complicates trivial head removal.
10/17/04 #2 cylinder tin block head.
10/17/04 Hot air tube mounting screw on driver's side.
10/18/04 Early impeller with overhead timing marks.
10/18/04 #3 valve head broke off and engine seized on highway.
10/18/04 Head damage from valve that stretched and broke.
10/18/04 Piston damage from head.
10/18/04 Solid lifter valve train. 8mm nuts take 13mm wrench
10/18/04 Cams seem ok.
10/18/04 Thermostat expanded. Is this always accelerated by oil contamination?
10/18/04 Return spring was disconnected by whom? Crap!
10/18/04 Three screws secure deflector tin on each side.
10/18/04 Early metal pulley orientation.
10/18/04 Distributor drive pinion indexed to TDC #1.
10/18/04 Starer bushing puller is also the dist. drive pinion puller.
10/18/04 Spacer used on drive pinion.
10/18/04 Oil pump.
10/18/04 Factory oil gallery plug on CB case for industrial engine temp gauge.
10/18/04 OP control valve on dual relief case (most Type 4's). 13mm head.
10/18/04 Oil return in lifter bore.
10/18/04 Flywheel and clutch were both dry.
12/06/04 Orignal pressure plate with worn fingers.
12/06/04 New pressure plate.
12/18/04 This porridge is too thin.
12/18/04 This porridge is just right.
12/18/04 These rivets are about to grind the flywheel.
12/18/04 New clutch has 2mm of clearance between rivets and surface.
12/18/04 Glazed on one side, scarred on the other.
12/18/04 Bought this 210mm clutch disc from Bus Boys for $40.
12/18/04 Shot of the cam gear behind the oil pump.