1/11/05 There are two Type 4 bus dipsticks (both baywindow not Vanagon).
1/11/05 The earlier dipstick convinces you that you've overfilled the oil.
1/11/05 55A alternator.
1/11/05 Alternator wiring. Where is the plug? Inside.
1/11/05 Voltage regulator connector.
1/11/05 Beru 1 kohm spark plug connector.
1/17/05 Approved oil filters. Visually different but functionally identical.
1/17/05 Thicknes of oil coller spacers (3 required).
1/30/05 Westfalia carpet is yellowish, greenish and brownish.
2/20/05 70A alternator boot (top)
2/20/05 70A alternator boot (bottom)
2/20/05 70A alternator boot (front)
2/20/05 70A alternator boot (back)
2/20/05 70A alternator boot (left)
2/20/05 70A alternator boot (right)
2/22/05 Koni 80-2110 front shocks.
2/22/05 Koni part number. Built 12/24/04.
2/22/05 Installed on the front.
2/22/05 Rusty rotors would look bad behind alloys.
4/6/05 115A, 115C and Bosch Blue Coil.
4/12/05 German NOS lenses are still out there!
4/12/05 Concours here we come! :-)
4/12/05 Don't use aftermarket valve adjusting screws.
5/12/05 8x9x56 step studs for the exhaust are still available.
5/13/05 Various terminals needed for the wiring harness.
5/20/05 btlmex sells these Bosch vacuum cans for $16.
5/21/05 The early dist. body has holes in different places for mounting the can.
5/21/05 Luckily we can drill a hole right in the middle and mount it anyway.
6/15/05 #201 Heatshield from canvasworks.com
6/15/05I had them do a rear screen for our buses. #201R-A
6/15/05 They roll up and secure with velcro.
6/15/05 Part number for the rear screen.
7/19/05 Wells RV1001 is Bosch 07206. 5-9" vacuum.
7/30/05 Hydraulic Sticker
7/30/05 Hydraulic Sticker
7/30/05 Hydraulic Sticker sheet
7/30/05 New style throwout bearing (post factory).
8/13/05 Genuine VW clevis pin on top.
8/13/05 NOS!!! Bosch 70A alternator (sent as freebie from Bosch)
8/13/05 Part number for 70A
8/13/05 NOS brush holder.
8/13/05 NOS diode plate.
8/13/05 NOS stator.
8/13/05 Rotor has all of it's original laminate. Noice 8mm keyhole in the end?
8/13/05 NOS slip rings good for 200k miles.
8/13/05 NOS diode plate.
8/13/05 New brushes measure just a hair over 10mm.
9/21/05 EGR Box from 78 bus.
9/21/05 EGR Box.
9/21/05 EGR terminals and controls.
9/21/05 Blue Coil from Brazil.
9/21/05 Voltage Regulators (Germany, Brazil, Spain).
9/21/05 Spanish on right is most modern.
9/21/05 Voltage regulators.
9/21/05 Spanish model uses 2N3055 NPN power transistor.
9/29/05 Emico 13357 CAT.
9/29/05 Never used ceramic insert.
9/29/05 Emico now flow forms their O2 bung.
10/15/05 Testing a 2.3W instrument light bulb on the clock.
10/27/05 Instrument light sockets
11/6/05 Insturment lighting with 2.3W bulbs.
11/17/05 How to align a beetle distributor in a Type 4 engine.
11/17/05 VW lenses from Mexico and Brazil.
11/17/05 VW housings from Mexico and Brazil.
11/17/05 VW markings on the Brazil version.
11/19/05 Jar opener I use to help remove oil filters.
11/20/05 VDO "W" calibration number of back of speedo face.
2/26/06 VW plastic connector made by HSU.
2/26/06 HSU connector leaving radio suppressor on CDN models.
4/7/07 NOS Boge front shock.
4/7/07 NOS Boge rear shock.