More photos from the 72 bus repair. It only had one owner and is largely in original condition (deterioration).

12/11/04 Fuel tank hose in good condition.
12/11/04 It's much longer than the later style.
12/11/04 Both pipes meet near filler opening. Pipe appears spot welded to body.
12/11/04 Tank in very very good condition.
12/11/04 Cracked rubber elbows always cause leaks.
12/11/04 NLA unfortunately. Needs to be 13mm ID for 14mm OD pipe.
12/11/04 Replace these breather hoses. The tubes are 7mm OD.
12/11/04 Replace both of these.
12/11/04 Earlier tanks had these 3 extra padding materials.
12/11/04 Fuel tank outlet sealed with foam ring.
12/11/04 Filter sock inserted into tank.
12/11/04 Threaded fitting welded to tank for earlier tap.
12/11/04 Fuel pump hose requirements.
12/11/04 Brazil replacement pump with no built-in filter.
12/11/04 Thermostatic vacuum valve in air cleaner "pizza slice".
12/11/04 Early valve with two black plastic plugs.
12/11/04 Air cleaner warmup mechanicals.
12/11/04 Driver's side taillight.
12/11/04 Passenger's side taillight.
12/11/04 Clean brass contacts. Galvanized base should be ok.
12/11/04 Early models had the taillight to body seal from the factory.
1/17/05 Front of the 72 rear shift rod.
1/17/05 Rear of same. Linkage is bushed at rear even thought coupler is bushed.
1/17/05 Only two plastic bushings.
1/17/05 72 Starter (won't fit 091 transmission with 228mm flywheel).
1/17/05 Early rockers need spacers between arms and spring.
5/21/05 New vacuum can installed.