Rebuilding these carbs because the engine they were on overheated and metal went everywhere when the valve went through the piston.

12/05/04 Induction system minus air cleaner.
12/05/04 Passenger side carb.
12/05/04 Passenger side carb.
12/05/04 Remove all of the wiring and cutoff solenoids.
12/05/04 Undo the 2 bolts tha hold the carb to the manifold.
12/05/04 The pilot solenoids are the same L to R.
12/05/04 Metal from the holed piston went everywhere.
12/05/04 Intakes are L and R based on brake booster takeoff.
12/05/04 Mixture distributor connects to L carb and feeds both intake manifolds.
12/05/04 Manifold-Head gaskets were paper.
12/05/04 Clean flanges thoroughly but carefully.
12/05/04 Two bolt on each carb secure the crossbar linkage.
12/05/04 5 screws secure the body halves. A 6th screw holds the dashpot on.
12/05/04 ID tag.
12/05/04 Bolts are not all the same length. Keep in position.
12/05/04 Small circlip holds on choke linkage.
12/05/04 Metal contaminated throttle.
12/05/04 Choke is held on with two screws...
12/05/04 ...the other is inside.
12/05/04 Carb split in half.
12/05/04 Sediment but generally clean.
12/05/04 Remove air correction jet with good screwdriver.
12/05/04 Remove float bowl plug and then main jet.
12/05/04 Carefully remove the peened choke plate screws.
12/05/04 Don't loose these choke shaft shims.
12/05/04 Record position of choke components.
12/05/04 Remove choke gaskets.
12/05/04 Remove cover from diaphragm. Do not jam screwdriver to separate.
12/05/04 14mm required to remove float.
12/05/04 Float valve is shimmed with precise washer. This one is 0.5mm thick,
12/05/04 Accelerator pump linkage and components.
12/05/04 Cover for accelerator pump diaphragm.
12/05/04 The spring is asymmetric. Tapered end is out.
12/05/04 Accelerator pump spring is oriented this way.
12/05/04 Metal is all over throttle plate.
12/05/04 Carefully remove gaskets.
12/05/04 Remove volume control screw.
12/05/04 Remove idle screws.
12/05/04 Bag everything for safe keeping.
12/05/04 Dirty carbs.
12/07/04 All clean and ready to perform.
12/07/04 US made carb kit. Sold by Bus Boys and Bus Depot.
12/07/04 Seems to be missing a gasket and contains extra o-rings.
12/07/04 Royze instructions...
12/07/04 Royze insructions reverse side.
12/07/04 New style diaphragm will require trimming after installation.
12/07/04 Old style manifold to carb gaskets are very thin.
12/07/04 Spray carb cleaner and air into these orifices.
12/07/04 Spray carb cleaner and air into these orifices.
12/07/04 Spray carb cleaner and air into these orifices.
12/07/04 Spray carb cleaner and air into these orifices.
12/07/04 Spray carb cleaner and air into these orifices.
12/07/04 Testing the float level. Gasoline density is 0.830g/ml.
12/08/04 New gasket for choke housing.
12/08/04 New vacuum diaphragm.
12/08/04 This universal gasket needs trimming.
12/08/04 Choke throttle plate and shaft. Shims prevent sticking.
12/08/04 Insert screw, align choke shaft on spring and align diaphragm shaft.
12/08/04 New diaghragm for accelerator pump.
12/08/04 Assemble with lever extended (not as in photo).
12/08/04 Check bend in float lever.
12/08/04 Assemble lower body: jets and plugs and float.
12/08/04 Cutting a thicker and more fuel resistant gasket.
12/08/04 Float must clear gasket or bowl will overflow.
12/08/04 Measure output of accelerator pump.
12/08/04 Choke element, new gasket and mounting hardware.
12/08/04 Align choke element marks on body.
12/08/04 What are these burns?
12/08/04 Throttle body hardware and new gasket.
12/08/04 Insert accelerator pump linkage before securing screws.
12/08/04 Idle screw and o-ring.
12/08/04 Cutoff terminals cleaned.
12/08/04 Adjusting fast idle setting.
12/08/04 Dashpot will be adjusted later.
12/08/04 Rebuilt carb. Woo hoo.
12/08/04 Only half way done. Doh!