Air Conditioning
This is a VPC setup from a 72 bus but the bracket and compressor are the same for all 72-79 models. VW AG must have cringed at this VWoA approved butchery.

9/28/04 Look at the terrible seal the compressor leaves by design.
11/14/04 PO tried to get a/c repaired 3 times. No wonder it never worked.
11/14/04 Looking inside the rod cap broke.
11/14/04 The compressor drops with the engine after disconnecting the hoses.
11/14/04 A top bracket bolted by the breather tower provides additional support.
11/14/04 The side mount bolts to the case and the compressor is hinged to it.
11/14/04 Shim were used to adjust the mounting position.
11/14/04 The bracket with the compressor removed at the top hinge.
11/14/04 Studs were installed into the case for the bracket.
11/14/04 Spacer behind the fan. To change belt you had to remove the fan!
11/14/04 Idler arm kept tension on the belt. Complicated mounting arrangement.
11/14/04 This ground wire went to the bracket behind...
11/14/04 ...because rubber mounts were used for vibration damping.
11/14/04 Relay for the holding coil. The top wire goes to the ignition coil.
11/14/04 Another view of the compressor.
11/14/04 Hinge lets compressor rotate out of position.