Due to the heavy FI focus several people have asked for photos of a dual carb bus setup. I finally came across a 72 bus in original condition so I took some photos.

9/28/04 Stock engine for 1972 with dual solex carbs.
09/28/04 Accelerator linkage return spring mounted to coil bracket in 72 bus.
09/28/04 The body was cut away to make room for the York compressor.
09/28/04 Compressor bracket. Looks at that tiny 022 905 115A coil.
09/28/04 Who says only modern cars have cold air intakes?
09/28/04 Computer Diagnostic plug VW discontinued after 77.
09/28/04 Diagnostic plug terminals.
09/28/04 Radio supressor.
09/28/04 Look at the condition of this early timing scale.
09/28/04 The paint was on the verge of peeling off so I gave it a coat of clear.
09/28/04 This ground strap was added with the a/c installation.
09/28/04 Early battery negative was bolted to hole in battery tray. Yuck.
09/28/04 Charcoal canister location mounted on the ceiling.
09/28/04 That rubber tee cracks and so do the elbows.
09/28/04 Charcol canister feeds oil bath air cleaner.
09/28/04 Original F&S rear shock. Top is plastic like front.
09/28/04 Rear shock part numbers.
09/28/04 Up until mid-74 the shoes were also secured with 2 springs.
09/28/04 Replacement shoes from 1983 (not original brand).
09/28/04 Horseshoe clips and other hardware.
09/28/04 Same thermostat but slightly different bracket.
09/28/04 Mechanical fuel pump has breather line that goes through tin grommet.
09/28/04 Washer I'd never seen before between bolt under on the fan grill.
10/15/04 Fuel line grommet and preheater tube.
10/15/04 Left 34-PDSIT/2 carb has all the idling circuit brains.
10/15/04 Right 34-PDSIT/3 carb.
10/15/04 Dash pot.
10/15/04 Electric cutoffs on left carb.
10/15/04 Electric cutoffs on right carb.
10/15/04 Thermostat flaps fail-safe/return spring was disconnected!
10/15/04 Brake booster vacuum elbow on left carb.
10/15/04 Brake booster vacuum elbow on right carb with air cleaner tee (screw).
10/15/04 Pertronix install in progress.
10/15/04 Pertronix magnetic sleeve.
10/15/04 Vacuum advance cutoff was disconnected by PO.
10/15/04 Vacuum advance cutoff numbers.
10/15/04 Remember the coil wiring or you'll be sorry later.
10/15/04 Voltage Regulator has two tees (black wire, blue wire).
10/15/04 Oil pressure sender has blue wire with green stripe.
10/15/04 Air cleaner thermo-valve (left brake booster, right to control box)
10/15/04 AC Gizmo. Guess how easily you can short out on this?
10/15/04 Another relay for the air conditioner.
10/15/04 Brake booster hose attaches to hard line.
10/15/04 Brake booster valve.
10/15/04 Throttle cable.
10/15/04 Clutch cable and acorn nut.
10/15/04 Bowden tube mount.
10/15/04 Transmission ground strap.
10/15/04 Back up light switch and vacuum advance cutoff switch (4th gear).
10/15/04 Starter wiring. I see an extra lead added by the a/c install.
10/15/04 Original shift coupler.
10/15/04 Leave the heater cable barrel nuts alone during engine removal.
10/15/04 Leave the accordian tubes alone during engine removal.
10/15/04 Wrong kind of clamp.
10/15/04 Large hose is intake on fuel pump.
10/15/04 Clean the heads of bolts before attempting removal.