1978 Campmobile

04/13/04 Pair of OEM heat exchangers. Turned out to be Dansk that I returned.
04/13/04 Right side.
04/13/04 Left side.
04/18/04 Neimann was one of the key OEMs.
04/18/04 The key code is stamped on the lock cylinder.
04/18/04 Part number 251 905 855A for Vanagon but claimed to fit bus.
04/21/04 Saving spare beam for future.
04/21/04 Tube and bearings protected for shipment.
04/21/04 Bearings come preinstalled.
04/21/04 Inside of tube.
4/27/04 Swivel seats clears seatbelt reel this way.
4/28/04 12V flywheels have 130 teeth. This one is 228mm.
4/30/04 914 sender was available from VDO at one time.
6/2/04 Heavy duty batter cable terminals.
6/3/04 The black plastic gascap next to the chrome one.
6/3/04 The black cap won't fit the restricted openings.
6/3/04 It must be for another vehicle: it doesn't lock the same as the chrome.
8/5/03 Elbow for charcoal canister.
8/5/03 4 clips hold instrument panel to dash from behind.
8/5/03 New Type 4 thermostat vs. a bad one.
8/7/04 Genuine VW German seal
8/7/04 Complicated molding at door stay opening.
8/7/04 Molded corner like original.
8/16/04 At one point in time a better oil dipstick tube boot existed.
09/10/04 L91 Paint is available from the dealer. Ask fr L 009 103.
09/10/04 Late FI bus vacuum can. 021 905 271F.
09/10/04 Beetle vacuum dizzy (SVDA) from CIP1. It's a genuine VWoM unit.
09/10/04 Vacuum can oritentation for Type I engine (just flip 180 degrees).
09/10/04 Cap and rotor are Bosch Mexico. Dust cover is Bosch German.
09/10/04 The vacuum can armature has 110 stamped on it ( aka 1 237 121 110)
09/10/04 Advance specs very very close to FI bus.
10/05/04 Photo of sway bar before removal.
10/05/04 This is how the end of the SAW sway bar mounts up.
10/05/04 This is how the bar is held to the torsion bar tube.
10/05/04 This bracket needs to clear the CV joint bolts and fit at this angle.
10/05/04 Another shot of the bracket.
10/08/04 Markings from the OEM wheel (not shown VW/Audi logo).
10/08/04 Koni rear shocks
10/08/04 Konis installed on the rear.
10/08/04 Engage the nut in the top with these recesses to adjust.
10/16/04 This is an original bus painted L90D vs. my change of color.
10/17/04 Washer contacts on replacement unit.
10/17/04 Washer wiring. Red/Black and Brown are new.
11/6/04 Earlier metal thermostat wheel.
11/6/04 Vanagon passenger flapper box seal replaces baywindow asbestos.
12/04/04 3M reflective tape on rear bumper. See it?!?
12/04/04 Bugpack 6004 HD window cranks.
12/04/04 Reinforced like 78 bus cranks. No pot metal used.
12/14/04 Type 4 cooler in a Type 1 box. The joys of the aftermarket.
12/14/04 Same geometry.
12/14/04 Looks good from a distance...
12/14/04 ...but body won't allow bracket to fit without modification.
12/14/04 Crapola gasket...
12/14/04 ...is too thin compared to Elring.
10/24/04 OEM oil filler bellows.
10/24/04 Reproduction bellows.
10/24/04 Top secret new prototype.
10/28/04 Lemforder ball joint from Brazil.
10/29/04 Bosch Wire set.
12/29/04 091 Hockey stick seal
1/12/05 Headlight assembly (Driver's side).
1/12/05 Headlight assembly (Driver's side).
1/12/05 Headlight assembly (Pass side).
1/12/05 Headlight assembly (Pass side).