Some photos I've collected to illustrate damage and wear.

7/25/03 Typical Westfalia poptop. Needs some washing, bleaching and painting.
9/10/03 What happens to the rubber steering coupler over time.
9/03/02 What happens when you torque the sump plate > than 9 ft.lbs.
7/19/03 Solid valve adjustment screws should be radiused. These cannot be adj...
12/26/03 Hydraulic screw "wear" (courtesy of Mike Benthin)
1/08/04 Solid cam, wear from lifter, no oil film, wears then goes flat.
1/08/04 Solid lifter, concave surface and mushroom edges. No longer radiused.
3/26/04 Original battery cable in this condition will strain your starter.
4/06/05 Clutch lining separated (courtesy of Mike Benthin)
4/06/05 Worn down to rivets (courtesy of Mike Benthin)
4/06/05 Shorter fuel sender (courtesy of Mike Benthin)