1978 Campmobile
Shots of Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection components and their part numbers. Lots of expensive parts when bought new. Some parts photos from a 75 - 76 1/2 bus also.

4/08/03 Double Relay and Series Resistors.
4/08/03 Oil Pressure Switch and Cold Start Valve.
4/08/03 FI grounds under air plenum.
4/08/03 Fuel Injectors. Intake runner looks a bit rusty.
4/08/03 Temp Sensor II just above the bolt. 13mm.
4/08/03 Brake Booster one-way valve.
4/08/03 Decel valve.
4/08/03 Air filter.
4/08/03 Air Flow Meter.
4/08/03 ECU (78 Federal) CU 99 X.
4/08/03 AFM harness connector boot.
4/08/03 ECU Connector.
4/08/03 Auxuliary air regulator.
4/08/03 Harness connector on AFM.
10/25/03 Pressure Regulator.
10/25/03 Intake S-boot between throttle body and AFM.
10/25/03 Mechanical EGR valve from VIN 226 2077 584
10/25/03 Crud that the filter doesn't catch. Probably bits of rusty filter.
10/25/03 $120 EGR Filter.
10/25/03 EGR gaskets.
10/25/03 EGR valve actuating rod.
10/25/03 Throttle body
10/25/03 Cable clamp, idle screw and o-ring, throttle body gasket.
10/25/03 Throttle plate.
10/25/03 Throttle body's view of plenum.
10/25/03 Air plenum (or air distribution box)
10/25/03 Intake runners.
10/25/03 Fuel pump
10/25/03 FI Wiring harness
10/25/03 EEC valve on Air cleaner.
10/25/03 78-up charcoal canister
10/25/03 Not an FI part. Flywheel sensor.
10/28/03 NOS 22mm molded oil breather hose.
11/7/03 NOS molded decel valve hose.
2/8/04 Before 78 the charcoal canister was placed on the firewall.
2/8/04 Early DVDA distributor. Retard line goes to manifold vacuum on plenum.
2/8/04 Early 4-way tee for manifold vacuum.
2/8/04 Extra vacuum line goes to early style EGR valve.
2/8/04 EGR pipe connects directly to early throttle body.
3/4/04 Thermo time switch. Power rating 12v 40W and VW part number.
3/4/04 Date of mfgr and Bosch part number.
3/4/04 Cutoff air temperature 95F and heater element time limit.
3/4/04 Plenum in all it's glory.
3/6/04 Fuel pump.
4/14/04 7mm FI clamp from VW dealer. Very nice (not sure if SS). $1.91 ea.
4/14/04 10mm FI clamp from VW dealer (not sure if SS). $2.86 ea.
4/14/04 10mm clamp from MB dealer.
9/22/04 AFM connector diagram.
7/09/05 AFM seal.
7/09/05 Air cleaner to AFM bolts.
7/09/05 Part number for Type 4 s-boot.
7/09/05 S-boot with vacuum hose fittings.
7/09/05 Leak testing the s-boot.