1978 Campmobile
Now that the bus is painted I can get to all the little things. I've started to collect whatever NLA NOS items I can locate that have lousy reproductions.

10/25/03 You need 83" of 3M reflective tape for a 73-79 rear bumper.
10/25/03 This is what it looks like when a car is following me. Love those H4s.
10/25/03 This was a flash photo in the dark.
8/31/02 Plate from BA6. Looks scary under there. 6000 kCal = 24000 BTU!
10/27/03 Last of the Temp Sensor II spacers. Lucked out.
10/27/03 Temp Sensor II Bosch number
10/27/03 Temp Sensor II VW number
11/7/03 Found a NOS side marker at the dealer. Perfect condition.
11/7/03 NOS rubber beats UV exposed everytime.
11/24/03 NOS shift rod boots. Only two needed.
11/24/03 NOS shift rod grommets for the rear rod.
11/26/03 And then there were two!
11/25/03 Flywheel inspection hole cover. Missing yours?
11/25/03 Booster fan finally seized after squealing and blowing 16A fuses.
11/25/03 Uber rare trip ODO. 221 957 031 BLL (KmU)
12/2/03 Found a NOS fan for the engine compartment. Seems almost too nice to install.
12/2/03 Type IV thermostat.
12/2/03 Getting valve adjustment screws from the dealer? only accept shiny ones.
12/3/03 Found a NOS headlight switch for $10.
12/3/03 NOS Dipstick. Plain handle, cord in cup for sealing.
12/4/03 NOS Reflectors. Was hoping for black. Ordered 211945363B got A.
12/16/03 Found some NOS brake switches (made by OEM Mera)
12/17/03 Found the reusable filter I used with the clogged fuel tank. 1/4"
12/31/03 BA6 glow plug.
12/31/02 Oil pressure switch. 0.15-0.45 bar (2.2-6.5 psi) 1/78
1/13/03 This hole above driver side battery tray is for drainage. It's normal.
1/14/03 Right engine tin stamped 429.
1/21/04 Rotor sitting on top of Pertronix sleeve.
1/21/04 Measurements with Pertronix installed.
1/30/04 Some W7CC plugs from 30 years ago.
1/30/04 West Germany helps to date unknown packages somtimes.
2/10/04 2nd set of taillights saved for the future.
2/10/04 Made in Mexico by Hella (the best available).
2/10/04 Has correct split connector for brake light.
2/10/04 MoS2 for input shaft and anti-seize misc jobs.
2/10/04 Bought some assembly goop.
2/10/04 Got a Beru cap last order. Made in Germany.
2/10/04 Two input shaft transmission seals.
2/10/04 Use your foot as a rev limiter!
2/10/04 This "09171OE" set from BD (via JK) has mismatched insulators.
2/10/04 I don't like it.
2/12/04 ABA Stainless Steel FI clamps from Sweden.
2/12/04 7mm head on the screw.
2/14/04 ATE brake paste is NLA from ATE (pity).
2/14/04 Side by side you can see the assembly error.
2/25/04 1974 Without Guesswork in prime condition. 146 pages.
2/25/04 I've never seen this before. Very extensive. 130 pages. 21mmx14.5mm
2/25/04 A real bus trans ground strap not the all silver too long beetle unit.
2/25/04 Another NOS headlight switch.
2/25/04 NOS Nylon guide piece for the sliding door.
2/29/04 Ignition switch terminals.
3/5/04 Dizzy internals (spare Beetle dizzy).
3/6/04 last of the NOS 70A alternator boots.
3/6/04 Stock taillight configuration
3/6/04 Workshop manual 94.3 improvement mod
3/6/04 Apply first seal, then second.
3/6/04 No more water getting in.
3/6/04 Left tailing wiring.
3/6/04 Right taillight wiring
3/8/04 Vanagon fuel restrictor.
3/8/04 Very rare baywindow fuel restrictor.
3/8/04 The ultimate replacement for the bird beak.
3/15/04 Reproduction headlight switch.
3/17/04 Dipstick Grommet 022 119 951
3/27/04 NOS plastic caps that fill the tiny holes below the rear taillights.
4/12/04 plastic NOS shift rod ball (goes in nose cone of transmission).
4/20/04 CDN emissions sticker.
4/20/04 View of fuse box from below.