1978 Campmobile
The parts pictures just keep on coming!

02/22/03 Documented the windshield washer system of hoses.
02/22/03 This is the under pressure hose. It's gone.
02/22/03 Use these to find the best non-metric fit.
02/22/03 Remember washer valve orientation.
02/22/03 Why is this 42 psi...
02/22/03 ...when this says 35 psi?
02/23/03 Looking for these hard to find bumper caps. 211 707 192
02/24/03 Finally found a nice canvas and some still galvanized cot poles.
02/27/03 This is the Goodyear hose I used to replace the washer system with.
02/21/03 This is the older sliding door handle with the offset mount. 211 843 642
03/19/03 Premium wheel cover. Custom size from GoWesty! for 78/79 padded wheel.
03/19/03 VW westy cabinet tee-molding vs. GoWesty!
03/20/03 The inset wheel isn't padded. The larger one is.
03/21/03 Finally found the correct tire mount.
03/23/03 Last of the bumper caps and it's cracking. 211 707 192
4/5/03 hazard switch. Be careful trying to move it around or the back my pop out
4/5/03 Hazard wiring.
4/08/03 Closeup of charcoal canister filling.
4/08/03 Old 6014 Incandescent bulbs.
4/08/03 New Bosch H4s. Notice how the camera had to underexpose the image?
4/08/03 Clogged plenum due to EGR valve. Junkyard spare.
4/08/03 Shot of fuel filler neck from inside body.
4/08/03 Filler tube to tank tube. That breather hose looks pretty old.
4/08/03 Under the oil breather box.
4/12/03 How much the AAR is supposed to be open when cold.
4/12/03 Reese coupler for homemade towbar.
4/12/03 Homemade towbar. Wasn't impressed by the welding.
4/12/03 T-bolt clamp for rear anti-sway bar.
4/13/03 Ever wondered about the Vanagon throttle plate? See the extra hole?
4/13/03 See how the idle screw works? The plate is flat under the screw.
4/13/03 68-73 Clock with gray face. Pricey!
4/13/03 OEM rear mudflaps mounted on the carrier clip...
4/13/03 ...and were sandwiched by another bracket mounted to the wheel well.
4/25/03 White VW logo 73-79. 211 853 601E. Chrome is 241 853 601E.
4/25/03 Found these rubber boots for the horn. 211 906 101
4/25/03 Locking handling for engine lid.
05/07/03 Switching to GR2s on the front because the ride is too harsh.
05/12/03 Positive battery terminal with male spade made by AMP.
05/12/03 Spare key from dealer. Galvanic corrosion from box of keys.
05/12/03 Original locking cap made by Blau.
05/12/03 Froze and was damaged in removal 211 201 551K.
5/22/03 Documenting the steering box condition.
5/22/03 I don't see any cracks or leaks.