1978 Campmobile
Still trying to figure out what the black box is for, the radio noise?

10/06/02 Why does the oil breather have a trapezoidal botom?
10/06/02 Suppression condenser for ignition coil. 211035257
10/06/02 Top says 050.
10/06/02 Bosch number is 0 290 002 029
11/03/02 Vibrator from gas gauge 113957099A (68-79 bug part # as well).
11/03/02 There is no adjustment screw on the outside like pre 01/73 models.
11/03/02 Osram 12V 5Wn- K5620 bulb inside. Must be a 5W resistor.
11/03/02 This looks like a capacitor but it's a zener diode.
11/03/02 Length of the disptisk at sump plate.
11/03/02 Trim the dipstick by 10mm. The oil temp sender installs only one way.
11/03/02 This plate redirects cooler airflow for an accurate oil temp reading.
11/10/02 100000 km
11/14/02 Box had ample bubble packing. Made 7/06/02.
11/14/02 Says Hecho en Mexico but not DOT. Screws are original long style.
11/14/02 No metal inserts for screws but black grommets included to seal lens.
11/14/02 Protective cap fits.
11/14/02 411 945 235 sealing washer included.
11/14/02 Nicely molded. So close to original it will probably disintigrate also!
11/16/02 Remember how the supressor and condensor were hooked up.
11/16/02 Pertronix Ignitor electronic ignition installed in distributor.
12/28/02 EGR filer for 75-78.
12/28/02 EGR Gaskets. Rightmost with small hole is NLA.
03/29/02 Paddy blocked off the EGR valve in 1989 because the filter rusted?
03/29/02 This hole is where the filter and pipe to the valve meet.
03/29/02 Picture after the muffler was installed. Had to make a plate.
03/16/02 Charcoal cannister that filters the fuel tank vapors. 171 201 801A
03/29/02 Original voltage regulator meant for 55A alternator! 043 903 803B
03/29/02 Bosch number is 0 190 600 016
03/30/02 Brake light warning switch for dual circuit. 113 919 233B
03/30/02 Gears inside speedo. Not sure how to remove spring.
01/24/02 Back of original gas cap. Corroded and seized.
02/23/02 The leaky windshield ruined the cardboard and the heat peeled the vinyl
06/03/02 Some specs for 1980 bus tires.
07/16/02 Found this at the junkyard in a old bay. Used to seal the tank to body.
06/20/02 To remove the engine these bolts have to be removed.
06/04/02 73 Instrument panel I couldn't use.
06/04/02 73 Instrument panel.
03/23/02 Engine number GE024080.
02/10/02 Engine was pretty dirty before we started to work on it.
11/03/02 GE engine dipstick length before cutting for oil temp sender.
1/12/03 Bosch WR-1 Relay kit for the starter.
1/13/03 Mount the relay under the voltage regulator and pass thru the grommet.
1/13/03 Mount the relay and ground the yellow wire on the regulator screw.
1/16/03 Charcoal canister + filter + grill + spring + cap.
1/16/03 Pretty fine pellets of carbon, like ice cream sprinkles. About 6 cups worth.
1/16/03 There is a tube inside with a filter on the end.
1/16/03 Cut into the seam between the cap and the canister from the top. Take your time.
1/18/03 W8CC above, W7DC below. CC have a recessed electrode and longer nose.
1/20/03 411 941 123 fits but is the wrong length.
1/20/03 Doesn't even go 1/2 way around.
1/28/03 69-73 Cot poles in perfect condition. 56 1/4", 3-sided, galvanized.
1/07/03 Bosch 7" Round H4s (0 301 600 118).
1/07/03 Motorcycle! At least they're DOT legal.
11/27/02 Original front wheel bearing.
3/2/03 Bosch Temp Sender II.
2/14/03 older zener style of fuel gauge vibrator.