1978 Campmobile
More parts pictures from the VW from, junkyard and online suppliers.

04/27/02 Bottom of headlight switch
04/27/02 Top of original 211941351B. Beware of the B made in Mexico.
04/27/02 Wiring so I can remember how to put in the new switch.
04/30/02 Bottom pin is for 68-75. Top came off my 78.
04/30/02 My hinge is ok.
04/30/02 This is for a 68-75. BusDepot was wrong.
04/30/02 Painted the rusty accelerator pedal.
04/30/02 Negative Battery Cable (braided).
05/11/02 Horse hair reproduction seats from WolfsburgWest.
05/12/02 Door Buzzer from 78
06/03/02 Steel OEM keys were 3 months b.o. from bus depot. Total originals.
06/03/02 Key Fob from dad's 1971 bus.
01/24/02 Quality of tail lenses varies. Caveat emptor Polematic del Brasil.
1/24/02 It's too bad thse crack. Was it the heat or just wear and tear with ...
1/24/02 Mexican visor clip. So far the only mexican part on the whole bus.
1/17/02 New Seatbelt hook from WCM. Original VW Germany.
1/17/02 Old coat hook. Cap was ok but the rest was disintegrating.
1/17/02 Dome Light Wiring image to remind me how to hook it up.
1/24/02 New locking gas cap. Isn't it nice? The original VW locking is left.
1/17/02 WCM pedal pads. Can't tell if Genuine VW. Bughaus has the real thing.
02/21/02 Febi-Bilstein front wheel bearing kit from Bus Depot.
02/21/02 Pagid front disk brake pads from Bus Depot.
4/10/02 Intake Manifold Hoses from Bus Boys.
02/21/02 Pushrod seals (Viton) from Bus Depot.
02/21/02 Oil strainer and gasket from Bus Depot.
02/21/02 Strainer washer from Bus Depot. Not for me bus.
02/21/02 Heater Clamps from Bus Depot.
02/21/02 Bosch Condenser 02074
02/21/02 Bosch Points 01 011
06/06/02 Difference in sleeves on shocks. Needed to use included brass spacer.
06/06/02 OEM front shock.
06/08/02 What is the black box between the coil and the condenser?
06/08/02 Pretty big pit.
06/08/02 Pretty big bump. Points melted.
06/08/02 Not sure which short number (02074 etc) matches this condenser.
06/11/02 Can't find a small enough puller to remove the drag link.
06/11/02 Another angle. Need something really small that fits in a small space.
06/16/02 Back of steering wheel.
06/16/02 Inner assembly.
06/16/02 Horn contact ring from bottom. Brass polished.
06/16/02 Horn cup, contact ring and spacer.
06/16/02 Notice the discoloring in the cup by the screw hole.
06/16/02 Assembled Wheel Rear.
06/16/02 Assembled Wheel Front.
06/20/02 Porting.