1978 Campmobile
This page documents wiring, plumbing, equipment, etc having to do with the factory Westfalia camper conversion of my VW.

08/15/02 16A fuse inline with faucet switch. Positive "+" is always red wire.
08/15/02 "+" goes under front carpet and driver's seat, thru spare tire cabi...
08/15/02 Top Shelf. You can see the original splices to the faucet switch.
08/15/02 Side profile. Left tube is for water, right tube is breather vent tube.
08/15/02 Faucet switch. Right connector is Red "+".
08/15/02 Ground wire coming from pump attached to body with female connector.
08/15/02 Middle shelf. Propane tubing. Who made that cut in my shelf?
08/15/02 Bottom Shelf. Propane copper tubing going under bus. Needs sealing.
08/15/02 And why did they fix it this way?
08/15/02 Filling tube for water tank. 2nd drawer removed.
08/15/02 Red "+" comes from switch and goes to this fuse. Black goes to body.
08/15/02 3A/250V fuse holder. Do not operate pump on empty tank!
08/15/02 12V/1Amp pump. Needs Bussman 3A fuse.
08/15/02 Flow rate shows difference between imperial and U.S. gal.
09/15/02 Campmobile by Kunststoff GBMH 213 016 215 120
09/15/02 Rubber stoppers holding the tank in. Tilt tank at back to remove.
09/15/02 Plumbers tape on the drain threads. Put it on the pump with new clamps.
09/15/02 Another shot of the pump.
1/27/03 The rubber seals for the top rusted and fell off 15 years ago.
1/27/03 The canvas without the seals has been exposed to the weather.
1/27/03 It doesn't have much strength left and has dry rot.
1/27/03 Mel and I cleaned it up quite a bit but the holes are unsightly.
1/27/03 Going to replace it after the bus is painted.
2/21/03 New OEM canvas from Bus Depot.
4/5/03 The infamous Silver Socket (European 12V) on dashboard.
4/5/03 A punchout for another switch?
4/5/03 Canadian 120V setup different. Plug upside down above 49 parallel!
4/08/03 Westy child's cot. Not too useless but a nice addition.
04/14/03 Logo for the fridge. I've got an icebox.
05/16/03 Wiring for dual battery relay.
06/07/03 Westfalia badge on storage locker.
06/07/03 Canadian stove option?
06/07/03 Not a factory stove?
06/07/03 Brand.
6/14/03 The original seal was one piece so they had a work sequence.
6/14/03 The orignal seal is funky. The steel clip inside rusts out!
6/14/03 The original flat seal.
8/9/03 Original Luggage rack seal.
6/14/03 Bus Depot luggage rack seal. 231 070 732
6/14/03 Bus Depot exclusive flat seal from Europe. 231 070 709
6/14/03 Bus Depot rear seal. 231 070 708
6/14/03 The rear seal (R) is just the luggage seal (L) with a hose glued on.
6/9/03 Stainless Steel loop instead of galvanized OEM for luggage rack.
6/9/03 Complete WW seal kit from GoWesty! not just outer seal.
10/25/03 Finally got the labels on.
10/25/03 I always liked this 79 only sticker.
11/13/03 Rear table dimensions.
1/27/04 Stocker locker hinge.
1/27/04 Clothes closet hinge.
1/27/04 Under sink door hinge.
1/27/04 Water tank door hinge.
1/27/04 Reproduction stools by Ron Wolff.
1/27/04 Imitation bucket.
1/27/04 Construction.
1/27/04 A little on the cheap side.
7/12/04 Patriotic tire cover from Peden RV in Sydney.
5/19/05 Leg for the table.
11/9/05 Recaro seats in GoWesty! showroom.
11/9/05 GoWesty! carpet samples from TMI.
11/9/05 GoWesty! carpet samples from TMI.
11/9/05 Manchester Propane Tank.
3/11/07 Scan of original propane tank from 79 Brochure.
1/13/08 To remove the headliner you need to remove the beige trim.
1/13/08 Removing this plastic pieces simplifies removal.
1/13/08 How the interior light is wired. Disconnect battery first.
1/13/08 Remove 4 bolts to take off the luggage rack and the 4 outside screws.
1/13/08 Bolts for the brackets. Only remove if you plan to reseal them.
1/13/08 Draining is not effective even though seal is not tight.
1/13/08 Drainage holes clog easily.
1/13/08 All cleaned up.
1/13/08 The bottom edge is wider in front.
1/13/08 Basic replacement luggage rack seal. 231 070 732
1/13/08 Bus Depot LUGSEAL2.
1/13/08 Bus Depot LUGSEAL2.
1/13/08 When clamped down seal looks ok. Bulb could be slightly higher.
1/13/08 Notch the flat seal to clean up the appearance like the original seal.
5/12/06 Souvereigh Cherry Formica
02/17/09 Inside the electrical outlet box in the CDN westy.
02/17/09 Break off the ears on your new outlet before securing it to the box.