1978 Campmobile
Please! change you fuel lines. Get 4' of 7mm German NON-cloth braided FI hose. More if you are missing any of the metal fuel lines.

8/12/02 Metal line from fuel pump to 3/4 fuel rail.
8/12/02 Metal line from tank to fuel pump.
8/12/02 The cloth braided hose has no strength.
8/12/02 Nasty. Used on FI fuel rail.
8/12/02 A sharp edge on the injector barb cut into this hose.
8/12/02 The fuel line to the pressure regulator was better grade.
8/12/02 Factory clamp.
8/12/02 Never use a worm clamp like this.
3/31/03 Replace the red fuel breather hose before it leaks fuel.
4/19/04 Made some 8mm hard lines for the bottom from 5/16" brake line.
4/18/04 Injection rail from cold start valve to 1/2 injectors.
4/18/04 Fuel rail flare.
6/20/04 Replacement German made hoses from Cohline and Continental.
6/20/04 Hose that fits between the filter and pump with the BA6 takeoff.
6/20/04 Hose from the fuel tank to the metal fuel rail below.
4/2/05 ID of ABA #15 clamp.
4/2/05 ABA as fit to hose without tightening clamp.
4/2/05 Tight. Very good fit.
4/2/05 ABA catalog.
2/26/06 This is the fuel hose coming out of the fuel pump.
2/26/06 Unprotected it will get cut and cause great fuel loss and maybe fire.
2/26/06 Wrap metal lines by cutting a piece of fuel hose lengthwise.
2/26/06 Always double clamp.
2/26/06 FI pump
2/26/06 If you disconnect the BA6 don't contaminate fuel intake line.