1978 Campmobile
A never ending assortment of parts to return the VW to it's original state (minus some wear).

Meistersatz cv boot kit from Bus Depot. They seemed to put two kits in one box.

07/12/02 Where did the clip go?

07/12/02 German made mirror. Pretty close to original.211 857 513F driver.

07/12/02 Very good glass and mirror. 211 857 514F passenger.

049-RearWheelCyl.jpg 211 611 047 F

07/12/02 Original Hella rear side marker. 211 945 351A

07/12/02 Where is this made. It doesn't look like Hella.

07/12/02 No markings on either side.

07/12/02 Cap for sliding door handle. 211 843 645

07/12/02 Brazil washer nozzles ($6.95 pair). German are $12.95 each. Rip-off...

08/15/02 Lobro kit. No little washers and missing a bolt. Why the extra clips?

08/21/02 This plug cover the AFM idle mixture screws. Do not screw with this.

08/21/02 Missing the boot that keeps dirt out of the clutch cable.

08/21/02 Diagnostic plug goes to back of engine/flywheel (113xxxxxx connector)

08/21/02 SME001915

08/09/02 Indian made tail light assemblies from Old Volks.

08/09/02 I order US spec and got these.

08/09/02 Back

08/09/02 Front.

08/09/02 Looks ok but I don't know what to compare it to.

08/09/02 Quality of molding.

08/17/02 Maybe I should insure the value with a RV company.

08/17/02 Can't read the cert number.

08/17/02 Where the PO bought it.

08/17/02 VIN and safety certification.

08/31/02 This is why the shifting into 2nd is so hard.

08/31/02 This is what's missing.

08/31/02 Much better.

09/07/02 914 Oil temp sump plate. Going to re-use the plate and use new sender?

09/16/02 Belt kit from Go Westy. $109. Repa/TRW with Jetta part #s.

09/16/02 "D" is 165 857 732. Is a cap missing?

09/16/02 Receiver 1HM 857 756D VW/Audi logo!

09/16/02 Other side of reel.

09/16/02 Belt with safety info.

09/16/02 Someone used a marker to remove the VW logo.

09/16/02 Other shot of reel.

09/15/02 211 943 161E

09/15/02 Made in Germany logo, Hella, DOT markings.

09/17/02 Receiver installed.

09/17/02 Reel installed.

09/17/02 D-ring installed.

9/24/02 How the gear in the odo breaks.

09/26/02 NOS Hella license light from eBay $13

09/26/02 Dad's first attemps at a cheaper filter to put before the exensive ...

09/26/02 Not sure how long this one was used for. Looks expensive.

09/26/02 This was hidden below the van.

09/26/02 Quite elaborate but not as convenient as the next one.

09/29/02 Headrests (brown not green) that Troy Wicals sent me, thanks!

10/04/02 New brake hose clips 113 611 715A

10/04/02 New backing plates 211 615 231 and 211 615 232. What a color.

10/04/02 New retaining pins for calipers. 211 615 261A

10/04/02 New separator springs 211 615 269A. Stamped ATE.