1978 Westy Restoration
Random collection of parts. Still looking for the window winder that matches. Haven't posted pics of missing EGR pipe and filter.

02/23/02 Original 1978 window crank with reinforced design.
02/23/02 Notice the shaft goes all the way and the texture is different.
02/23/02 Window crank 111 837 581 from Wolfsburg West. Pot metal handle.
02/23/02 113 837 581 plastic is different. The shaft doesn't extend to the end.
03/09/02 Finally found a speedo face in miles and KM.
03/09/02 Found a factory VDO Clock. $20
03/26/02 Brass polish; now it looks almost new.
03/23/02 ABS Kick panels from Just Kampers in the UK. Nice fit, slightly tight.
03/26/02 Correc, rev limiting rotor. Looks pretty old.
03/23/02 Heater hoses. Left unknown. Right host is 211 261 236B.
03/23/02 Lower right hose is 211 261 233.
03/23/02 Gap in the foam. We stretched it but it's still short. From Bus Depot.
03/26/02 Cover for alternator adjustment. 021 119 295.
03/26/02 1978 Campmobile keys.
03/26/02 Right tie-rod is rusted badly at the threads.
03/26/02 Relay Lever
03/26/02 Drag link looks good.
03/26/02 Relay lever grease nipple leaking. Zerk loose.
03/26/02 Steering damper looks shot (and feels shot).
03/23/02 233 500 096 Distributor inner cover.
03/23/02 Rotor
Bosch 1234 332 215 (04033) from Bus Depot.
03/23/02 Rotor 5400 rpm Rev limiting
Bosch 1234 332 144 (04016)
03/23/02 Which hoses hiss a lot? The ends are cracking from dry rot.
03/30/02 Before. Speedo is in KM only and odo is labelled.
03/30/02 Instrument cluster removed.
03/30/02 Cleanup with some soapy water.
03/30/02 Removing the needle is super tricky. I practiced with a busted speedo.
03/30/02 I filed the spindle top to get the face off.
03/30/02 Replaced the face wiith one in Miles/KM (label odo KM) and put in clock
04/09/02 New Boge damper from Bus Depot. Action feels good.
04/09/02 Bosch Blue Coil from Bus Depot.
04/09/02 Viton Push Rod Seals from Bus Depot just in case.
04/09/02 KYB Shocks (right pair) from Bus Depot.
04/09/02 KYB Shocks (left pair) from Bus Depot.
04/09/02 Meyle tierods from Bus Depot. Left is non-adjustable, right adjusts.
04/09/02 Brembo Rotors (front) from Bus Depot.
04/09/02 Brembo Rotors (back) from Bus Depot.
04/22/02 New keys cut from the code by Steve Sandlin.
04/05/02 Negative photo of my m-plate. Bottom starts with 06 4. Thr. Feb 9,78.
04/18/02 12mm Aux Air regulator hose. 3.5mm Vacuum hose. 5mm for pressure reg.
04/18/02 022129637 Aux air regulator boot.
04/18/02 Old and new hose with the boot on the new.
04/18/02 T-connector at the distributor's vacuum can.
04/18/02 Hose from dist to airbox. New voltage regulator in the background.
04/18/02 Everything you wanted to know about hoses but where afraid to ask.