I had the bus up on a lift today and took some 1280x960 photos of the underside.

2/26/06 Engine
2/26/06 Transmission
2/26/06 Bellypan
2/26/06 Skid plate
2/26/06 Front beam zerk for center pin
2/26/06 Brake booster
2/26/06 Brake breather hose
2/26/06 Steering coupler starting to break
2/26/06 Steering knuckle
2/26/06 Inside wheel on passenger's side
2/26/06 Inside wheel on driver's side
2/26/06 Front torsion arms passenger side
2/26/06 Front torsion arm driver's side
2/26/06 Clutch pedal arm
2/26/06 Brake proportioning valve
2/26/06 Brake booster boot
2/26/06 Heating tubes (central, BA6 on right)
2/26/06 Accordion tubes Y-connector
2/26/06 BA6 air intake
2/26/06 Parking brake equalizer bar
2/26/06 Shift coupler
2/26/06 Bosch starter
2/26/06 Battery cable. Someone forgot to bend the metal tab back.