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Now that we've got the engine out it's time for all the necesary maintenance: replace parts, remove rust, inspect.

02/10/02 Clean all the muck off the see better.
02/10/02 After sitting overnight the tank has improved.
02/10/02 Hard to see; the rust is mostly gone but something remains.
02/10/02 Perfect lighting. You can see the sludge left behind after the acid.
02/10/02 Still some rusty clumps.
02/10/02 Acid to eat the rust, then some baking soda to neutralize then scrub.
02/10/02 I think the hole is where the plug used to be.
02/10/02 Same thing on the right side. Using the same formula and a wire brush.
02/10/02 This was the result of a bumper impact in 1979 that was allowed to fester.
02/10/02 Remove the dust before painting.
02/10/02 This was the turd from the last page. Notice it flowed overnight.
02/10/02 Undercoat the left bay with a ledge until we can replace the tray.
02/10/02 Same on the right.
02/10/02 This will look nice with the engine tin painted black.
02/10/02 Did the minimum to prevent more rusting.
02/10/02 New plugs and wires. Still need new distributor cap and rotor.