1978 Campmobile
Tools continued...

2/19/04 Corbin (ring) clamp pliers (KDTools KD429, Snap-on HCP9, Old Forge 7045)
2/19/04 Don't ask.
2/19/04 Nice set of pick tools.
2/24/04 PB Baumann makes really fine screwdrivers. Sizes 1-7.
2/24/04 Comfort grip that is oil and gasoline proof.
2/24/04 Easy identification.
2/24/04 Parallel tip to prevent cam out effect. Laser etched id.
3/4/04 Phillip sizes 0-4.
3/4/04 Slotted 0 and 00 and magnetizer/demagnetizer.
3/4/04 Conical reamer.
3/4/04 Deadblow hammer with replaceable tips.
3/4/04 Hex keys.
3/4/04 These are no good for inline engines; great for boxers. (Sears, free).
3/5/04 Raytek ST30.
3/5/04 Wedco 20L gas can (5gal).
3/8/04 EFNM 304/316 SS liquid filled FI pressure gauge with safety glass.
3/8/04 Wurth cutoff wheel and Matco 3/8" mandrel.
3/17/04 SK Gasket scrapers.
3/17/04 Facom Brake caliper brush.
3/17/04 SK Locking adapter.
3/17/04 Facom 17mm transmission drain plug socket.
3/17/04 AP Magnetic tray.
3/17/04 SK Flare nut wrenches for brake lines.
3/31/04 Snap ring pliers.
3/31/04 Low current draw (LED) tester for FI component testing.
4/16/04 Make your own FI pressure tester.
4/23/04 Tubular wrenches.
4/27/04 My old fuel filter change tool kit from 1997.
4/27/04 Girling brake hose clamp.
4/27/04 ATE piston turning pliers.
4/27/04 ATE piston reset tool.
4/30/04 Original non-insulated terminal crimper.
5/13/04 VDO oil pressure tester with switch tester and M10x1 threads.
5/13/04 VAG1342.
5/13/04 Micrometer for endplay shims and such.
8/04/04 Fluke 179 (1985 Radio Shack multi-meter finally packed it in).
7/13/04 25 ft lbs. torque wrench from Precision Instruments.
7/13/04 Used to be sold by snap on at much higher prices.
7/30/04 VW185 for pulling the fan hub off the crank.
7/13/04 Forged Vise from Rigid.
7/30/04 Oi seal arbors for crank (nose and flywheel).
7/30/04 VW190 fan hub seal arbor
7/30/04 VW191 flywheel seal arbor
8/04/04 Oil can.
9/10/04 Finally found the 5-arm engine yoke for less than the $300 list price.
1/17/05 Carb synchrometer and PDSIT adapter.
2/15/05 Homemade leakdown adapter using cored spark plug and some 1/4"-NPT pipe.
4/12/05 Get a silverline mityvac to test vacuum hoses, dizzy, etc.
4/25/05 This is the best thing to use to dry your body after you wash it.
2/23/06 Hazet771-19 makes lug nut removal a breeze.
2/25/06 It also doubles as the perfect hubcap puller. No more fighting.
2/31/06 Mitutoyo 70th anniversay kit in wooden case.
2/31/06 Coolant proof versions.
6/18/06 Old Milton tire gaugess are hard to find now.