Maintenance Continued...
It's a good thing working on VWs is fun.

12/31/03 Flywheel bolts are one use only. Original length ~30.5mm
12/31/03 German pressure plate.
12/31/03 German clutch disc.
12/31/03 German throwout bearing and spline lubricant.
12/31/03 Still sorting out the oil pressure thread mess.
8/19/04 After 13k miles with Bosch W8CC plugs I switched to NGK B6ES.
8/19/04 This is a colder and seemingly cleaner burning plug.
8/19/04 Finally put my leakdown tester to use. Found two intake valves open.
8/23/04 Checking hydraulic valves to see if they open during adjustment.
8/23/04 Valve timing chart.
10/31/04 Optima 34R. No more spills, plenty of cranking power.
10/31/04 Optima 34R installed. Perfect fit despite replacing Group 41/42.
12/2/04 Looking for 14mm CHT ring terminal. I think this tin plating will melt!
12/2/04 Bung installed in afterburner.
12/2/04 Closeup.
12/2/04 Wideband O2 sensor installed.
12/2/04 Probe tip extends in this far.
12/2/04 Temporary tie-wrap to fuel line.
12/2/04 More tie-wraps to fuel line and brake hose.
12/2/04 Tie wrap to frame to snake cable through sliding door.
12/2/04 12V power for O2 sensor.
12/2/04 Temporary power.
12/2/04 Engine stumbling when cold and sure enough way too lean.
10/28/04 Checking the CHT against the idle mixture setting.
10/28/04 Thermometer is accurate and long enough but corner of case is too cold.
2/11/05 Raining today...
2/11/05 I've always like the look of the stock wheels in the rain.
2/19/05 Hyfire EZ
2/19/05 Hyfire EZWiring
2/19/05 Hyfire EZ Contents
2/20/05 Accurate digital CHT readings from Dakota Digital.
2/20/05 Making sure the freezer test passes.
2/20/05 It passed.
3/26/05 Found a Sun 404 distributor tester.
3/26/05 These sell for $$$ on eBay even in junk condition.
4/8/05 Bosch sells a dizzy rebuild kit (mostly complete).
4/8/05 Contents of dizzy kit. Could use one more fibre washer of med size.
4/12/05 You CAN change the gap of your pertronix.
5/27/05 Broke the clutch cable.
5/27/05 Gemo cable from GoWesty!
5/27/05 Genuine VW clevis pin.
5/27/05 Gemo bowden tube from GoWesty!
5/27/05 I hate these little seals.
5/27/05 The aftermarket seal need to be opened up to squueze on the cable.
5/27/05 The worst part of the job.
5/27/05 The cable broke INSIDE the bowden tube sleeve.
7/09/05 My tune-up tools.
7/09/05 Finally got a nail in the tire.
7/09/05 Always nice to see the inside this clean.
7/09/05 Passenger side head.
7/09/05 Driver's side head.
7/09/05 Plug #1
7/09/05 Plug #2
7/09/05 Plug #3
7/09/05 Plug #4
7/09/05 State of oil after 6 months. Due to short trips.
8/13/05 OEM clevis pin vs. reproduction
10/3/05 Transmission drain plug (magnetic).
10/3/05 GL-4 from Pennzoil.
12/4/05 Time for a new cap and rotor. Notice the crater shaped pits in the band?
1/11/06 Viton dipstick boot outlasts the rest
2/26/06 On the lift at the parts shop.
2/26/06 Looks a little lopsided doesn't it?
2/26/06 Something isn't right about this tube. Hmmm.
4/06/07 Up on the ramps to check an oil leak.
4/06/07 Sucked a gasket on the 3/4 side.
4/06/07 Left side of gasket
4/06/07 Right side of gasket
4/06/07 Too bad those tabs only hold the middle of the gasket in place.
4/06/07 New gasket with hylomar on the backside. Last one lasted 3 years.
4/06/07 Wow, that's super accurate! :-)
4/06/07 Hydraulic valve train
4/06/07 Hydraulic rocker arm.
4/06/07 Hydraulic valve adjuster "Wear"
4/06/07 Right side of Cylinder head
10/22/07 Popular NGK Plugs
10/22/07 Popular NGK Plugs
01/18/08 Pickup filler neck vs. regular.
01/18/08 Repro fuel filler neck
01/18/08 Repro fuel filler neck
08/03/08 Sucked the gasket on the driver's side. Major oil leak.
12/10/08 A lesson as to why the Germans used ceramic fuses and so should you.
12/19/08 Had a fuel leak here. Caused by frozen water in the fuel line?
12/19/08 This is the good heater cable clamp kit.
12/19/08 HD clamp, circlip, pin, barrelnut and bolt. Use green locktite !
12/19/08 My mod for shortening the heater cables to the flapper boxes.