1978 Campmobile
Ron had a similar Sony Cybershot camera and took these photos for me so I could see what was done between visits.

07/04/03 Just getting started.
07/04/03 Sabre. Good Dog!
07/04/03 Maybe your windshield will look like this?
07/09/03 Ron cut out the rusty old sill.
07/09/03 Rustproofing the interior panels.
07/09/03 New metal from AHS bent into shape and welded in.
07/12/03 Much better. Too bad this part of the VW is so rust prone.
07/04/03 Valance sand blasted.
07/04/03 Perhaps your doors look like this?
07/04/03 Rear Valance rusted through.
07/09/03 Had to rust proof the interior panels.
07/11/03 Rear repair and down to metal.
07/04/03 Up on the lift.
07/04/03 Murray smoothing out the bumper.
07/12/03 Nose in primer.
07/12/03 Murray spraying POR-15 below the gutter.
07/12/03 Brian masking the nose.
07/22/03 Murray sanding the top.
07/12/03 Brian filling in the cracks in the fiberglass.
07/12/03 I didn't think the inside would need repair.
07/24/03 Motor out to prep the engine bay.
07/24/03 Murray again.
07/24/03 Driver's side battery tray.
07/24/03 Closeup.
07/24/03 Passenger's side battery tray.
07/26/03 Door repaired.
07/26/03 Panel installed.
07/29/03 Nose in primer.
07/29/03 Bumper and trim installed.
07/25/03 Roof left side.
07/25/03 Roof right side.
07/26/03 Painted side.
07/30/03 Engine installed.
07/31/03 Lights installed.
07/31/03 Murray.
07/31/03 Not sure what he's touching up.
08/03/03 In the shop ready for pickup.
08/01/03 All done.
08/01/03 Hubcaps will need polishing.
08/01/03 Nice from this angle.
08/01/03 Murray checking the paintwork with the top popped.
08/01/03 Murray trying to make a get-a-way.
08/01/03 A happy ending.