My 1978 Campmobile in 2002
This is a Pastel White Westfalia built in 2/78. It's been in the family since 1980. The gas tank is rusted from sitting so we're going to pull the engine and clean the tank. Push rod tubes leaking...

01/19/02 Joe's inspection of the engine compartment. Only a few spider webs.
01/19/02 Joe discovered some hoses had dry rot so we replaced them.
01/19/02 The gas supply was clogged so we "Jerri" rigged a fuel supply.
02/07/02 We put the VW on a trailer at work and drove it home.
02/07/02 On Mopac heading towards Joe's house.
02/07/02 This guy was tailgating us the whole way!
02/07/02 In front of Joe's house.
02/07/02 Down from the ramp.
02/07/02 Closeup of the trailer we borrowed.
02/07/02 In Joe's backyard ready for engine removal.
02/09/02 Sat. first step: remove the heater fan and hoses.
02/09/02 The engine seal foam was disintegrating. This was replaced in 1989.
02/09/02 Hecho en Mexico. Why can't they make these better.
02/09/02 Engine tin not bad for age. Will repaint it before installing it.
02/09/02 Engine pans need degreasing. Push rod tubes are leaking on them.
02/09/02 Took off the rear bumper for more clearance.
02/09/02 Removing the clips for the engine carrier.
02/09/02 Not in too bad shape for 24 years old.
02/09/02 This is the only blemish on the body. Could be worse.
02/09/02 You can see the input shaft as we separate from the transmission.
02/09/02 Close up of the shaft.
02/09/02 Engine almost out but not going to clear the body.
02/09/02 Using two 3 1/2 ton floor jacks.
02/09/02 Jack stand on one side while we use other floor jack to remove engine.
02/09/02 Front of the engine.
02/09/02 Back of the engine. Clutch replaced in 1989 because it was stuck.
02/09/02 Joe in his element having fun.
02/09/02 Firewall in good shape. Still going to paint the engine side.
02/09/02 Tank and straps look really good.
02/09/02 Fuel filler neck cracked as expected.
02/09/02 Seven gallons came out. Should have drained it 3 1/2 years ago.
02/09/02 How does the dust and dirt get in the tank bay? Not sealed below.
02/09/02 Fuel filler neck again.
02/09/02 Tank bay rusty under the dirt. What the hell?
02/09/02 Going to replace the sender. Float was glued to bottom.
02/09/02 All rusted on the inside of the tank (Photo from top).
02/09/02 More rust (photo form top).
02/09/02 Can't see much. Will take another photo later.
02/09/02 Joe rinsing the tank out with water to remove loose rust.
02/09/02 Another wash after using chain to loosen the rust.
02/09/02 Fuel sender will come clean actually but the mechanism is "iffy".
02/09/02 Left battery tray was painted 10 years ago. What a bad VW design.
02/09/02 Right battery bay. The braided ground cable had to be replaced.
02/09/02 Tank bay with tank breather tubes hanging down after a wipedown.
02/09/02 Underbody below the engine tin starting to become a problem.
02/09/02 Right side better for wear but needs attention.
02/09/02 Prep the rust and paint with undercoating.
02/09/02 Used the undercoating in the tank bay cause no one will see it.
02/09/02 Left rear under tin. Take that rust!
02/09/02 Left front under tin.
02/09/02 Right front under tin.
02/09/02 Lots of muratic acid later; how much goo is still in there?
02/09/02 This goo was at the same level as the fluid line but no higher.
02/09/02 Goo that was in the tank. We made the clump and there's more...
02/09/02 Looks hard to get this far but it's not.
02/09/02 Engine out.
02/09/02 Engine out even closer. Exciting isn't it?
02/09/02 Flintstones, meet the flintstones. Courtesy of my big feet!
02/09/02 Hi Mom and Dad!