1978 Campmobile
The Jalousies are an essential part of the brightwork on a Westfalia. The nicer the paint is, the nastier the jalousie's look. This is one of the most time consuming bus repairs you can tackle.

7/17/03 Aluminum corrosion after 25 years.
7/17/03 Rivets have rusted and been painted in the past.
7/17/03 Serious rust underneath the seal.
7/22/03 Only basic tools are required for disassembly.
7/22/03 Don't take the windows out of the frame this way. Remove left side first.
7/22/03 All the fasteners are on top and bottom.
7/22/03 You'll find sealant at many of the seams.
7/22/03 Pretty hard so you'll need to scrape it away. Flat screwdriver works bes
7/22/03 c-clip holds the rod to the winder mechanism and levers.
7/22/03 Oil the mechanism and give the rivets a pinch so it operates smoothly.
7/24/03 Start the restoration by wetsanding the chunkies from all surfaces.
7/24/03 Washing off the buildup.
7/24/03 Starting to look better.
7/24/03 All of the hardware rusts.
7/24/03 After wetsanding use a brass wire brush.
7/24/03 A toothbrush sized one gets into all the cracks and crevices.
7/24/03 Use the dremel for hard to reach areas.
7/24/03 100% better.
7/26/03 After the brush use 00 steel wool for a nice brushed finish.
7/26/03 This part takes the longest time.
7/26/03 If so inclined you can use a polish like Mothers Mag and Aluminum.
7/26/03 It will leave black marks in the pits in the metal so you'll need to clean it after.
7/26/03 The rod rusted out so we painted it silver.
7/26/03 The winders cleaned up nicely but we didn't like the dark areas.
7/26/03 So we painted them also.
7/26/03 Much nicer.
7/26/03 Painting all the rivets.
7/26/03 Rather than bother with finding replacement screws...
7/26/03 ...we painted them as well.
7/26/03 All the hardware hanging to dry.
7/28/03 Be sure to put butyl rubber sealant back upon assembly.
7/28/03 Assembling each pane was the hardest part of the job.
7/28/03 The old seal is pretty dried out but kept the water out.
7/28/03 The new seal is one piece.
7/28/03 Start by wrapping it around the window pane.
7/28/03 Cut off a bit at the corners and struggle to assemble.
7/28/03 WW give you 6 seals. 1 outer, 1 top pane, 3 inner panes and 1 long one to cut for the rest.
7/28/03 If you thought assembling the panes were hard wait until you deal with these crimps.
7/28/03 You need to carefully open each one, insert the new seal and close it.
7/28/03 Threading the seals isn't a picnic either.
7/28/03 Don't forget the seals in the winders.
7/28/03 Assemble by leaving the left side open, then attach the panes.
7/28/03 Crimp every place the mounting screws will go for a tight fit.
7/28/03 A pain in the ass but worth it.