1978 Campmobile
Picked up the VW from the painter. Couldn't be happier with the results. Clearcoat makes a bus look great.

8/04/03 First impressions.
8/04/03 Checking out the painted rims.
8/04/03 The two Brians.
8/04/03 Getting gas at the Mill Bay Shell station.
8/04/03 Home.
8/04/03 Nose.
8/04/03 Shine on the left side.
8/04/03 Shine on the right side.
8/04/03 Closeup of the shine.
8/04/03 Rear.
8/04/03 Closeup of shine. The 120v plate deforms the body.
8/04/03 I restored the Jalousie windows. Nice n'est pas?
8/04/03 Dad admiring the bus that almost rotted away.
8/04/03 Nose.
8/04/03 Top painted single stage.
8/05/03 Hubcaps only required "00" steel wool to get this nice.
8/05/03 The other 3 hubcaps. One's a little dented.
8/055/03 Shine on the right side.
8/05/03 Shine on the left.
8/05/03 Thank goodness it's finally painted.
8/06/03 Went down to the beach. Clover Point.
8/07/03 The Crew: Ron, Murray and Brian.
8/15/03 Interior back together. Just need to put in canvas.