1978 Campmobile
The exterior was finally painted 7/24/03 with PPG DBC Deltron 2000 and 2021 Clear. Color code is LR9A which I chose over the original L90D (it's a little more white but not Alpine White like a BMW)

7/25/03 Bumper.
7/25/03 All ready for that first ding.
7/25/03 Rear Bumper.
7/25/03 Nice shine.
7/25/03 Door pillar.
7/25/03 I'll miss the rust stains. :-(
7/25/03 Door jam.
7/25/03 Passenger's door handle.
7/25/03 Sliding door handle.
7/25/03 This came out really nice.
7/25/03 Looks brand new.
7/25/03 Nice.
7/25/03 VIN peeled. All those silver stickers are a pain.
7/25/03 You can see what wasn't painted.
7/25/03 Drying outside but not in direct sunlight.
7/25/03 Nice.
7/25/03 Can YOU see where base/clear meets single stage?
7/25/03 Nice shine below the door.
7/25/03 Both stickers survived the tape job.
7/25/03 New battery tray.
7/25/03 Looks good. A few flecks?
7/25/03 Driver's tray.
7/25/03 Everything came out for painting.
7/25/03 Is that a rag in the corner?
7/25/03 Engine looks really ratty now.
7/25/03 Nice work. Was that plug in the well black?
7/25/03 Passenger side shine.
7/25/03 Driver's side shine.
7/25/03 Wheels will need detailing.
7/25/03 Ding all gone.
7/25/03 Passenger Jalousie.
7/25/03 Driver Jalousie.
7/25/03 Two Brians.
7/25/03 Rear Side Window.
7/25/03 Nose.
7/25/03 Lower left nose.
7/25/03 Fresh air vent all painted.
7/25/03 Vent close-up. Looks great.
7/25/03 Check out that shine.
7/25/03 Lower right nose.
7/25/03 New tire mount will go on.
7/25/03 Nose.
7/25/03 Painting the pan black I believe.
7/25/03 Brian, painter and shop owner.
7/25/03 Ron the metal wiz.
7/25/03 Sabre. Good dog!
7/25/03 The shop.
7/25/03 Nice match.
7/25/03 Black screws nice touch. Originally silver.
7/25/03 Nice shine in poptop. Will add westy horse logos.
7/25/03 Why can't BD get it right? Stretch in the sun my ass!
7/25/03 Going to put the 79 Westfalia logo on.
7/25/03 Nice.
7/25/03 Rear will look great with taillights.
7/25/03 It's not called a vanity plate for nothing!
7/25/03 Nice.
7/25/03 I put that on in 1998.
7/25/03 Lid looks great.
7/25/03 Rear 3/4 view.
7/25/03 Seen enough?
7/25/03 VW did a nice job with the body styling here.
7/25/03 This is simply sweet.
7/25/03 Awesome job guys.
7/25/03 Need to grease this track.
7/25/03 Dummy track for RHD.
7/25/03 Seams in body so smooth.
7/25/03 I'm amazed at how the vents look.
7/25/03 What a difference.
7/25/03 Rust, I banish you forever!
7/25/03 Need to rig up a way to mount the bra.
7/25/03 Great.
7/25/03 Joe was right about the silver accents.