1978 Campmobile
The prep work was amazing and the painting is almost complete. First class painting and bodywork by Brian, Ron and Murray of www.customcarcolors.ca.

7/18/03 Rear shot.
7/18/03 The door jams have been painted.
7/18/03 What finished door looks like before seal.
7/18/03 I've never seen under the luggage rack.
7/18/03 Still have to prepare the top.
7/18/03 Pretty dirty but who's isn't.
7/18/03 This should seal the windshield really well.
7/18/03 Sides look really smooth now.
7/18/03 Looking good.
7/18/03 Luggage rack getting primered.
7/18/03 Slight texture. Nice.
7/18/03 Poptop getting primered.
7/18/03 Another shot.
7/18/03 Looks painted but still primer.
7/18/03 Bracket that holds the securing clamp.
7/18/03 Looks good.
7/18/03 Paint booth.
7/18/03 So much better already.
7/18/03 All of the rust marks are gone.
7/18/03 Door jams painted.
7/18/03 Sliding door jam painted single stage to match.
7/18/03 Busses were made to carry stuff!
7/18/03 Looks good.
7/18/03 Back of door panel.
7/18/03 Two Brians are better than one.
7/18/03 Brian and Ron.
7/18/03 Everyone looks happy.
7/18/03 Was that my VW?
7/18/03 Don't forget to wax strut supports.
7/18/03 Rear vent going to be painted with gun...
7/18/03 ...by using this special nozzle.
7/18/03 Not much support for body flex up there.
7/18/03 Hinge.
7/18/03 Torsion bars for rear hatch. Rubber piece cracked.
7/18/03 Side shot.
7/18/03 Ron posing for the camera. Engine lid painted single stage inside.
7/18/03 Probably need to repaint muffler in a few months.
7/18/03 3/4 view.
7/18/03 Inside of driver's door.
7/18/03 Inside of Passenger's Door
7/18/03 Sliding door jam done in single stage.
7/18/03 Another shot of hinge.
7/18/03 No change to nose since last week.
7/18/03 Hardly recognizable isn't it?
7/18/03 Painted jam.
7/18/03 Painted jam.
7/18/03 Top lip of windshield.
7/18/03 Old paint meets the primer.
7/18/03 Single stage paint. All the rust is gone.
7/18/03 Sliding track will be regreased.
7/18/03 No plastic cover for hinge on driver's side on a camper.
7/18/03 Dummy door track still in primer.
7/18/03 Two bay workshop.
7/18/03 Other side of the shop. Paint booth on the other side of the wall.
7/18/03 The bus.
7/18/03 Luggage rack crud that collect behind the seal.
7/18/03 My painter, Brian.