1978 Campmobile
I've been wanting to fix the poptop for years. This will be really satisfying to see finished after a nasty complication in the middle.

06/28/03 Taking out the folding part of the top bunk.
06/28/03 The OG canvas piping was cut for the corners.
06/28/03 Remove the ceiling cabinet. That's dad.
06/28/03 Mounting brackets.
06/28/03 Clothes closet bracket.
06/28/03 Spare tire well.
06/28/03 White molding used between the panels and the body.
06/28/03 Basket weave pattern in headliner.
06/28/03 Wiring for flourescent ceiling lamp.
06/28/03 Cross section of white molding.
06/28/03 Removing the fixed section of the rear bunk.
06/28/03 Poptop latch. Notice where the piping lays?
06/28/03 Position seam relative to screw.
06/28/03 Corners are tight so improvise.
06/28/03 2 of 4 trim pieces that mount the bottom of the canvas to the body.
06/28/03 About half-way done.
06/28/03 You can see the original color of the fiberglass.
06/28/03 All bolts on top of the fiberglass have sealant on the shank.
06/28/03 Removing the tack strip.
06/28/03 This idea is so obvious.
06/28/03 Aluminum brace supports the front of the figerglass.
06/28/03 You need a 10mm deep socket and 8mm deep socket for the ends.
06/28/03 Unbolting the struts to get the old canvas out.
06/28/03 Starting staples go on before the tack strip.
06/28/03 Double up staples in the corners.
06/28/03 Put just enough fabric under the task strip if you can.
06/28/03 Almost out.
06/28/03 Strut that add some needed ridgidity to the body.
06/28/03 Ruined because there was no poptop seal.
06/28/03 New OE canvas next to the old one.
06/28/03 Interior light wiring.
06/28/03 Removed headliner in cab to apply new covering.
06/28/03 The infamous poptop mold in the fuzz.
06/28/03 Boy that looks funny.
06/29/03 Be prepared for rain.
06/29/03 I'm not sure why this discolored.
06/29/03 Just a little bit of water to start.
06/29/03 Bleaching only required a rag not even a brush.
06/29/03 Be careful when it's wet because the fuzz can rub off.
06/29/03 Always wanted a sunroof. Where's the sun?
06/29/03 Much better. Towel dry by patting not rubbing before re-installing.
06/29/03 Ready for firetruck conversion.
06/29/03 Westfalia Logo
08/03/03 Ready to put the new canvas in.
08/03/03 Orient it before you start stapling.
08/03/03 Take off the handle.
08/03/03 Use an electric stapler like this Arrow for the 281 staples.
08/03/03 Houston we have a problem. The canvas it 5" too short.
08/03/03 I should have suspected this elastic meant it was the wrong canvas.
08/03/03 Measured against the old one, Bus Depot OE canvas is too short!
11/29/03 Dawn's sunbrella yellow is a little lighter. Her orange is too orange.
1/3/04 Cable is taut when struts are collapsed.
1/3/04 Cable is slack when struts are extended.
1/3/04 Angle of supports and tension of canvas keep roof supported.
11/08/05 Poptop fabrics from GoWesty.