1978 Campmobile
I spent 6 months looking for the right painter to trust my VW with and I finally came across a home-based shop with a small close-knit staff and fair shop rate for professional work.

07/03/03 Rust damage repeated along the entire length of the windshield.
07/03/03 The nose was taken down to metal because of all the dings.
07/03/03 Work starting on the left side.
07/03/03 Blemish cutout, rust proofed and repaired.
07/03/03 Bottom of driver's door was cut out for water damage.
07/03/03 Key mark valdalism being delt with.
07/03/03 More sanding.
07/03/03 Sliding track V-channel.
07/03/03 Rear vents sand blasted.
7/11/03 About a week later. Can you see the guide coat?
7/11/03 I guess this speeds up the first spraying.
7/11/03 I wonder how much paint gets inside?
7/11/03 Front corner.
7/11/03 Passenger foot step required new metal.
7/11/03 Rear vent look great.
7/11/03 They know this hinge isn't going to be visible.
7/11/03 Passenger side sliding track.
7/11/03 We don't want overspray at the priming stage either.
7/11/03 That dent in the crush zone needs to be taken out.
7/11/03 Bottom three holes are for logo. Top two added for tire mount.
7/11/03 New gutter welded into windshield area.
7/11/03 Front corner.
7/11/03 Leaving poptop on saved masking the top at this stage.
7/11/03 Front doors repaired.
7/11/03 Not sure what stage of prep these are in.
7/11/03 Driver's side sliding track.
7/11/03 This vent looks great also.
7/11/03 This is the cutout for the 120v city power.
7/11/03 This is the cutout for the sink vent.
7/11/03 Jalousie sill.
7/11/03 Jalousie's are held in from the outside by screws.
7/11/03 Rear Hatch.
7/11/03 Engine Lid. License plate hole taped from backside.
7/11/03 nasty old blemish gone.
7/11/03 Dent from bumper removed.
7/11/03 Rear view of passenger side.
7/11/03 Door repair. All welding complete.
7/11/03 Windshield gutter, no more rust. It's about time.
7/11/03 That's dad.
7/11/03 Everything was taken down to metal.
7/11/03 Nose masked.
7/11/03 Another shot of the nose.
7/11/03 Door pillar.
7/11/03 Passenger rear quarter panel.
7/11/03 Bumpers straightened.
7/11/03 One hole round, one oval. Odd.
7/11/03 License plate holes need filling and drilled for bracket.
7/11/03 All rust removed from behind felt channels.
7/11/03 Primer and masking.
7/11/03 Engine Lid.
7/11/03 This hinge was ok, the other was rusty.
7/11/03 Another shot of engine lid.
7/11/03 Plastic plugs originally went in those holes.
7/11/03 Rear tail light.
7/11/03 All rust behind valance repaired.
7/11/03 Love that lid!
7/11/03 Rear hatch done.
7/11/03 Looks flat and smooth.
7/11/03 Another shot of passenger side quarter panel.
7/11/03 Rust removed from all rain gutters.
7/11/03 Sliding door prepped.
7/11/03 Shot of the shop.
7/11/03 Broadside.
7/11/03 Rear.
7/11/03 Bumper impact zone ready.
7/11/03 Looking good.
7/18/03 Door innards painted single stage to match.
7/18/03 Inside of door POR-15'd for future protection from rain.
7/18/03 Doorstep repaired and painted single stage matching LR9A.
7/18/03 Rust repair on sliding door and painted single stage.
7/18/03 Sliding door hinge painted silver like factory hinge.
7/18/03 Rust repair on inside of tire well.
7/18/03 Looks like they're driving the bus around.
7/18/03 No poptop, looks like a regular bus.
7/18/03 Checking out the door.