1978 Campmobile
I had an ordeal with these so I thought I'd document it for others. I despise aftermarket stuff. 6/13/03.

This is C12-6501-012 from CIP1. It's a bugpack kit 6501-012.
This is VC 11 015 from RMMW. It's Bugpack 6500-015.
This is how the bushings stack up. "Up" in the picture is up on the bus.
This is the bottom M14 bolt. The spring plate resting on it has ruined the threads.
The rear mounting brackets need clearancing for the CV bolts.
This is the Sway-a-way rear bar. It's part of SAW-18300 front and rear kit.
Low profile. Much better than the EMPI design.
Front bar (I painted it) is 7/8" compared to wimpy stock bar.
First installation problem with rear. Mounting plate can't lie flat and will deform.
Second problem: bolt is now too short. The bolt is backwards in this photo (illu
The solution is to get a 45mm bolt and use a lock washer.
The problem with the front depends on the brand of clamps you use.
Ease the difficulty of installaion by filing and greasing the contact area.
I thought I'd never get this on by myself.