1978 Campmobile
Before and after photos of the long process of restoring the body to like-new condition.

09/26/02 Passenger's corner of Windshield.
09/26/02 Passenger's side center.
09/26/02 Driver's side center.
09/26/02 Driver's side corner.
11/10/02 State of paint when wet.
11/10/02 Nice!
11/10/02 Starting to rust in the fresh air flap opening on the body.
02/10/02 Bumper impact but did the battery ever boil over?
02/10/02 Hole is where the plug used to be.
02/10/02 Main battery side is always worse.
03/26/02 State of the sliding door hinge. It should be L91 not painted over.
03/26/02 This is a rusty area when the sliding door track cover blots on.
10/01/02 From a 79 model I found. Remember where the logo goes.
10/01/02 The Canadian model doesn't have the Westfalia horse. From same 79 model
11/10/02 Rust behind fresh air flap.
11/10/02 Rust not as bad on this side.
11/10/02 Rubber in good condition.
3/6/03 A momentous event in my own personal history! ;-)
3/6/03 Checking the clearance to see if Jamie River's hitch will clear.
1/07/03 Rust in headlight buckets.
4/08/03 Shot of gravel guard.
5/17/03 Genuine battery tray replacement panels.
5/17/03 Windshield repair panels from the Alan H. Schofield (UK).
5/22/03 Color chart for VW from 1978.
5/22/03 Compared formulas to find a match.
5/22/03 This picture can't do the match justice. It's very very close.
5/22/03 It's going to look great with that deep shine.
5/22/03 LR9A Campanella Weiss (Campernella!)
5/25/03 Driver door sill.
5/25/03 Passenger door sill.
5/25/03 Tire mount.
6/20/03 The original engine lid seal meets in the middle.
6/20/03 The JustKampers (OEVeeDub, BD) seal is the wrong profile.
6/20/03 The WolfsburgWest seal is too small. Fits splits only.
6/20/03 The WCM seal has the best rubber but it's cross section is wrong.
6/20/03 The WCM seal is too big to fit under the lip. It will need trimming.
11/6/03 Genuine VW engine lid seal (Just Kampers JK8277)
6/20/03 The factory seal. Often imitated but never duplicated. ;-)
6/21/03 This is the original color L90D.
6/21/03 Hard to believe there is any shine left on the body. Kinda ripply.
6/21/03 2003 Campanella White Jetta.
6/21/03 Jetta comes out too white in this photo. Contrast L90D.
6/21/03 The photo lies but the original color is too drab to repaint with.
6/21/03 See you in 6 weeks.
6/24/03 Some light rust under both step pads.
6/24/03 Bumper ding from 1979! Before we owned it.
6/24/03 ID stickers in door jam.
6/24/03 Smog and timing stickers on engine lid.
6/24/03 Chassis number in engine compartment.
6/24/03 Engine Left.
6/24/03 Engine Center.
6/24/03 Engine Right.
6/28/03 Washed it after the trip before taking it to the painter.
8/9/03 These seals are dead after 25 years of weather.