Original padding was clapped out. Installed replacement "hair seat pads" from Wolfsburg West. Don't settle for foam.
05/13/02 (1hr) dismantled backrest passenger seat. 5/14/02 (1/2 hr) dismantled bottom passenger seat. 05/18/02 (all day) disassemble clean and paint everything. 5/19/02 (4 hr) re-assemble.

In the beginning there was a lumpy sea
1-Lift up this tab to slide the seat out completely.
2-Take note of where the grease was applied and clean away the rotting hair.
211881375H - tag for the bottom stuffing.
211881303D - tag for the bottom frame.
3-Take note of where the grease was applied
4-Undo the nuts on top. Orient center plate vertically to remove square base.
5-The center comes out; rotate the handle and it will come out of the slot.
6-Take note of the grease and note of places to repaint where there is wear.
7-Remove the allen head bolts at the sides to seperate.
No headrest on my Westy.
211881861 - headrest tube
211881863 - cap for headrest tube.
8-Lift up the 4 tabs at the base of the backrest to straighten. Be careful.
9-Lift up the rod; seperate from the tabs. Be careful not to tear the vinyl.
10-Carefully lift the plaid fabric over each tab to remove.
11-Now you can slowly lift the seat-cover over the top.
Tabacco Anyone? I used to hear "crunch crunch" everytime I sat down.
This is the layer between the seatcover and the horsehair. No strength, replace.
211881775G - tag for the backrest stuffing.
12-Remove the batting. It's just a square piece and measure.
211881705P - tag for the seat frame.
The backrest has honeycombed the stuffing over time. Does it need a cover?
The springs have rusted. Going to have to paint it.
Sitting on this may prove comfier!
13-Measure this piece (27 sq. in.) and buy some new batting x 2.
14-Remove the four screws at the ends of each rail.
15-The recline adjuster just pops off.
16-Remove the cover support by pushing on the seat and work around.
17-Carefully pull the seat cover off from the back.
Remember how the batting is attached. It's 25x22 inches.
18-Pull of the batting from the front.
This is in ok shape, but hard. The sun must be a factor in the deterioration.
Where did the moisture come from? Bodies?
Another VW speciality item: foam sandwiched between the horse hair.
19-Remove the spring cage from the backrest. The hardest part are the top tabs.
20-Clean everything in acid.
21-Remove the springs from the base.
This is the slide lever. Notice the clip on the right.
RWM made the frame. Other parts are from ROT. Can't tell who made the fabric.
Mostly clean. Dremel tool time.
22-Assemble the painted bottom.
23-Insert the accord in the padding. The original cover was outside the springs.
24-Assemble the bottom
25-Carefully put on the batting if you are going to re-use it.
Bottom completely assembled.
26-Assemble painted backrest.
27-Assembled the backrest by turning it upside down and sandwich the accord.
Front of backrest.
28-Be really carefully with this stuff: it's really weak after 25 years.
29-Carefully slide on cover. The fabric/vinyl may the strong but thread wont be.
30-Clean the old grease from the rails and re-grease with Lithium.
Installed and all done.
Nice and firm! I swapped this in for the drivers seat so I can enjoy it.
Hard to believe this was even comfortable but it didn't hurt on short trips.
The springs were about to wear through the fabric. Close call.
Notice the pitting in the wear of the seat swivel.