VW Maintenance continued
1978 Campmobile. Not exactly racking up the miles but trying to keep on top of things.

09/02/02 Plug #1 is top left. Rest 2-3-4 are clockwise.
09/02/02 This is a close-up? Looks normal for FI: leanish.
09/02/02 This plug was hard to reach so I removed the air box.
09/02/02 Only original equipment where possible.
09/02/02 The old cover was cracking. Bought this at the VW dealer. 111 905 241E
09/02/02 Right side head casting number: 52.
09/02/02 Barely worn hydraulic screws. Some worse than others.
09/02/02 New screws from the VW dealer. Correct hardness.
09/02/02 Left side head casting number: 50.
09/26/02 Yuck. This fluid was 5 years old and went less than 5000 miles.
09/26/02 What an easy way to bleed. Motive Power Bleeder 0104, $43.
09/26/02 Along with the brown fluid came a murky black silt from the front.
09/26/02 Clear new fluid vs. dark old stuff.
09/26/02 About 1.5 litres was required to flush the system.
09/26/02 These flakes are from the fluid coating the reservoir.
09/29/02 State of the rear wheels.
09/29/02 Have some play in both hubs. Need to take care of this eventually.
09/29/02 Hoses were original and shot but the lines are ok.
09/29/02 New hose vs. old. Meyle.
09/29/02 Doing the work outside Metrowerks.
09/29/02 All four shoes have 5mm of material. Texlar?
09/29/02 3M 08945 anti-size lube with copper.
09/29/02 Clean and put some copper lube inside here first.
09/29/02 Then brush some onto the clean screw.
09/29/02 Then assemble.
09/29/02 Lube the guide where the shoe rubs against the backing plate.
09/29/02 New Febi wheel cylinder. 211 611 047F
09/29/02 State of the right rotor. Looking good.
09/29/02 Right pads. The tabs were pressed flat which is wrong.
09/29/02 State of the left rotor.
09/29/02 Left pads. Same as right, tabs pressed in.
09/29/02 This leak was caused by a brake fluid spill under the driver seat.
09/29/02 State of the piston.
09/29/02 This seal looks bad.
10/05/02 Old vs. new. Brake hardware kits don't include the plates.
11/10/02 Both fresh air flaps were rusty.
11/10/02 And the foam in the inside has disintegrated letting unwanted air in.
11/10/02 State of both flaps before.
11/10/02 Painted both and used weather stripping foam.
11/10/02 Grease the clevin pin to stop the squeak when depressing the pedal.
02/21/03 Used grease on bad advice and the gasket got sucked.
05/12/03 Plug reading to check why the idle drops so much 30s after start.
05/12/03 The insulator looks a little brown compared to the pics at the top. Rich?
05/16/03 Thermostat. Wahler 85-90 degrees.
05/16/03 Thermostat mounting hardware.
5/17/03 New VDO temp sender. The old 914 one was 400F (801/7/2).
5/17/03 Room temp measures 900 ohm. The 914 unit measures 1800 ohms.
5/17/03 There is a metal washer between the plate and the sender.
5/21/03 Clutch cable broke; barely made it home. 211 721 335J
5/22/03 Beginning of the end for the steering coupler. 211 415 417
11/3/03 Need to find the pastic washer. Dealer?
11/3/03 "Calibrating" the oil temp gauge. Pretty slow to respond. VDO garbage.
11/6/03 Bought some NGK B6ES plugs. They cross to W7CC; Going a step colder.
11/6/03 Plugs side by side. Bosch has taller walls on body for wrench.
11/8/03 Part number, spec and build date of original brake drum.
11/8/03 Passenger side. No leaks.
11/8/03 Driver's side. No leaks.
11/25/03 Will the media from the sandblasting every disappear completely?
11/25/03 Finally put on the timing scale I painted. Redo without liquid paper.
11/25/03 Crap. Oil on top of the engine? Blew the flywheel seal.
11/25/03 It's pretty wet in there and it's also coming out by the starter.
12/7/03 Transmission ground strap location.