1978 Campmobile
Beyond the basics of getting the VW running, it's important to inspect for wear and replace items that can fail, reduce performance or enjoyment.

06/16/02 The rotors were terribly rusty from sitting several years.
06/16/02 As the price of turning rotors was the same as new Bembos, why bother.
06/16/02 The rusting pitted out the surface and reduced braking.
06/16/02 Hub top. Use a punch to drive out the races. Old grease was useless.
06/16/02 Hub bottom. Clean all of the grease out before installing new races.
06/16/02 This $20 punch installs new races easily.
06/16/02 Use this dragging technique to work grease right up into the bearings.
06/16/02 Clean off the spindle of the old worn out grease.
06/16/02 Grease up the spindle before installing the hub again.
06/16/02 Apply 1/2" of grease to each race before putting hub and rotor back on.
06/16/02 Getting the backing plates between the pads and pistons can be hard.
06/16/02 Old pads (ATE) torn up by the rusty rotors.
06/16/02 Old bearings and seal. Made in France.
06/20/02 Putting in the good stuff. Mobil 1 15w50.
06/20/02 Cleaned the strainer and put in new gaskets and crush washer.
06/22/02 Muffler started to rust out so Mel sanded it.
06/22/02 Bottom and right pipe to heat exchanger get the warmest.
06/22/02 Ready to paint.
06/22/02 Used duplicolor high heat (1200F). Started to peel and bubble same day.
06/29/02 Half polished hinge from storage cabinet.
06/29/02 Veneer was peeling back.
06/29/02 Had to remove the contact cement from 1995 repair job.
07/01/02 Clamped for 48 hours using Wellbound and QuickGrips from Home Depot.
07/05/02 Where the oil is leaking on the driver's side.
07/05/02 Valve cover that sat by the ocean and in the snow all those years.
07/05/02 Looks like all four tubes are leaking. Pretty common.
07/05/02 Inside of valve cover.
07/05/02 All exposed.
07/05/02 Valve train removed. Don't mix up if you can help it.
07/05/02 Head end of tube where leaks were. Orange seals were loose and soft.
07/05/02 Case end seals were hard and tight. I think they shrunk a bit.
07/21/02 Left intake runner. Fuel line from left rail to cold start valve off.
07/21/02 Old hoses vs. new. 039 133 241.
07/21/02 How the injectors mount.
07/21/02 Injectors hoses are cracked and going to fail.
07/21/02 Is that Techron keeping those nozzles clean?
07/21/02 How did this get rusty? Condensation probably.
07/21/02 Old vs.new intake runner gaskets. 022 129 707F.
07/21/02 Injector seals cracked are a source of air leaks.
07/21/02 Always number an egg carton handy before removing identical parts.
07/21/02 Injector ID right side. Bosch 0 260 150 144
07/21/02 Injector ID left side. VW 022 906 031D
07/21/02 These two barbs make it almost impossible to remove the hose.
07/21/02 The big seal sits in the middle of the body in the groove.
07/21/02 Looking sharp.
07/21/02 Gasket for 1/2 intake manifold. New hose from pressure reg.
07/21/02 All ready to install right intake runner.
07/21/02 Ready to hook up fuel lines.
07/21/02 Left intake runner and fuel lines all hooked up.
07/21/02 No cracks in sboot. 022 129 967AC
07/21/02 Metal insert now is a plastic part. Hard to install. 025 133 199
07/21/02 If only the body looked this clean.
07/21/02 Oil breather hose finally died thanks to the plastic insert!
07/21/02 This is the PCV end.
07/21/02 Oil breather hose 22mm about 10 5/8" long.
08/18/02 Grease in cv flange shows it's drying up.
08/18/02 Same with the stub axle. This is the passenger side.
08/18/02 Here's the complete halfshaft removed with cv joints and boots.
08/18/02 Just some grease shots to show some bearings aren't fully greased.
08/18/02 more...
08/18/02 more still...
08/18/02 Not a lot of grease in the boot but what's there is dry.
08/18/02 Cleanup of passenger side wheel bearing housing.
08/18/02 This stuff needs to be really clean. Passenger side flange.
08/18/02 Driver side flange.
08/18/02 Driver side wheel bearing housing.
08/18/02 How to break a CV Joint. Notice the fragile warning in the background.
08/18/02 The cage is the weakest part. Pressure need to go on the hub!
08/19/02 Cleaned up the axle shaft.
08/19/02 German quality: Lobro. Febi would have been my 2nd choice.
08/19/02 GKN/Lobro (the King of CV Joints).
08/19/02 One side done. Don't damage the boots.
08/19/02 Cut the hole in the packet smaller so it's like a pastry filler.
08/19/02 Keep really clean. Wash in parts cleaner to remove cardboard fibers.
08/19/02 Pastry filling going in and oozing out the other side of the cage.
08/20/02 All done and ready to go back on the van.
08/29/02 It would be nice to have paint like this.
08/31/02 Brake Fluid level.
08/31/02 This looks too brown to be good. It looks 20 years old but it's only 4.