1978 Campmobile
Have all the parts and prep done, time to put it back together and drive it home for the first time in 4 years.

03/16/02 Tank was in good shape but gave it a coat of matte paint anyway.
03/16/02 Inside of tank with sealer. A few klingons remain but otherwise great.
03/16/02 Bowl is made of something different. You can see the holes now!
03/16/02 Made in Israel Fuel Filter supposed to be Mann OEM but it's the same as a Purolater.
03/16/02 Replaced clogged fuel rail along the bottom with hose and a nice clamp.
03/16/02 This tube is NLA but ours is in good shape.
03/16/02 Torn fuel filler neck cut off and 2 1/4" fuel hose we'll cut a piece from.
03/16/02 This rubber bit at the end is toast. Could fail a safety/smog inspection.
03/16/02 New fuel sender. Checked out ok on the ohmmeter before re-install.
03/16/02 Sender installed. Turn clockwise to tighten.
03/16/02 Hooking up the ground wire for the sender.
03/16/02 The hose from the neck to the tank cracked from so we cut a new piece to fit.
03/16/02 Tank and breather lines installed.
03/16/02 Repainted firewall screwed in (don't forget screws underneath).
03/16/02 Jacked up and ready for the engine to go in.
03/16/02 Engine compartment all cleaned up now.
03/16/02 All jacked up at Joe's.
03/16/02 It's me. Exposure went funny because I forgot to reset the manual EV override.
03/16/02 Is that Engine Joe or Tow Hayden?
03/16/02 Installed engine seal partially.
03/16/02 Took less than 1.5 hours to get engine back in and hooked up.
03/16/02 Engine in closeup. Fan shroud sure has corroded.
03/16/02 Mexican muffler. An EGR pipe on the end that we'll need to block off.
03/23/02 Degreasing the engine.
03/23/02 Nothing is leaking from the push rod tubes once the engine heats up.
03/23/02 Front Right Rotor. Needs to be machined or replaced. 12.50mm right now.
03/23/02 Rear brake drum on passenger's side.
03/23/02 Pretty rusty but no leaks and shoes look good.
03/23/02 Van in Joe's driveway all finished and ready to drive home.