1978 Campmobile
The gas tank is clogged pretty bad. It was rusty for years and necessitated a lot of filter changes. It's completed blocked sitting in the Texas sun.

02/09/02 Before removal. Looks good so far.
02/09/02 Looking through the sender. Hard to see inside.
02/09/02 Rust and sludge coated all over the tank.
02/09/02 We managed to get some of the sludge out but there's more.
02/10/02 Overnight the same clump flowed proving this is a nasty liquid.
02/10/02 After a lot of acid and washing, it's 100x better but still needs work.
02/11/02 After 24 hours of Marine Clean. You can see the bottom better.
02/15/02 Sitting outside brewing away.
02/16/02 60 hours after the 2nd quart of Marine Clean. Metal everywhere now.
02/24/02 After a gallon and a quart of Marine Clean and more muratic acid. Wow.
02/24/02 The bowl was under the gas line and looks good even in the corners.
02/24/02 Close-up of the surface of the metal. Ready for the metal prep.
03/16/02 Tank all sealed with POR-15. Nice!
03/16/02 Bowl looks good. Can you see both holes?
02/10/02 Fuel and return line pipes.
3/22/04 NAPA 1055 hose used to replace molded hose.
3/22/04 Shot of fuel sender at lowest point (very close to bottom of tank).
4/18/04 This nugget took two years to form dripping from the hard fuel line.
4/18/04 Filler pipe from neck to tank. What is this color code?
4/18/04 You must cut one end at an angle so it will fit the tank opening nicely.
4/18/04 Should have cleaned this 2 years ago or was it not bubbly then?
4/18/04 No match for some acid and POR-15.