Everything you need to know to keep your VW Bus Type 2 1968-79 running its best.

In Memory of Karl Von Salzen, H. Steve Dolan, "Boston" Bob Donalds and Jim Thompson.

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  1. Baywindow FAQ
  2. Baywindow Bus Tire FAQ
  3. Restoration & Repair Services
  1. Engine Sounds
  2. Temperature Sensor II
  3. DIY Fuel Tank Restoration
  4. Vacuum Hose Diagrams
  5. Dual Carb Vacuum Hoses
  6. Fuel Hoses
  7. Windshield Washer System
  8. Bosch L-Jetronic Tester
  9. Repair Manuals
  10. The Silver Socket
  11. Shocks and Sway Bars
  12. Mudflaps
  13. 091 Transmission Refresh
  14. Type 4 Gasket Set Parts
  15. Historial Facts and Figures
  16. Bus Buying Guide
  17. VW Type 2 Microfiches 68-79
  18. Bosch Blue Coils
  19. 72-79 Bus Engine Removal
  20. Double Relay Demystified
  21. Bus Heating
  22. L-Jet Fuel Injectors
  23. Factory Dash Options
  24. Engine Lid Seal
  25. Your VW Toolkit
  26. Fusebox layout
  27. Bentley Index
  28. TDC Marker Unit
  29. FI Harness Repair
  30. Bentley Errata
  31. Champagne Parts List
  32. Engine Detailing
  33. Exhaust Temperatures
  34. Fuel Injection Swaps
  35. Windshield Rust Repair
  36. Koni Shocks
  37. Sliding Door Removal
  38. Guide to Essential Upgrades
  39. Engine Support
  40. Weights & Measures
  41. Engine Inspection
  42. Light Bulbs
  43. Adjusting Dual Solex Carbs
  44. VDO Gauges
  45. Disassembly Tips
  46. Limping Home with L-Jet
  47. Model Comparison
  48. Pertronix Adjustment
  49. Find Type 4 Timing Mark
  50. Head Rebuilding
  51. Sealing Type 4 Exhaust to Head
  52. Thermostats Explained
  53. Wiring Terminals
  54. Type 4 Longblock
  55. Hydraulic Lifters
  56. Passing Smog
  57. 70A Alternator
  58. EGR Box
  59. Charging System
  60. Bosch H4 Lighting
  61. Bus Tire & Sidewall Photos
  62. Understanding the Ignition System
  63. FI Parts Availability
  64. Importing a VW into USA
  65. Importing a VW into Canada
  66. Importing from Europe
  67. VW Engine Oil Selection
  68. VW Oil Specifications
  69. Engine Oils w/ Zinc
  70. The Great Oil Debates
  71. VW Gear Oil Selection
  72. How VW Transaxles work
  73. Brake Job
  74. Radios
  75. Big Nuts and Bolts
  76. Glasurit Paint Chips
  77. Nokian Tires
  78. Baywindow Pickups
  79. Steering Column & More
  80. Cab Door Overhaul

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 Volkwagen Type 2 Bus Fire Warning:

Have you just bought a bus? Are you excited about going camping? It's never too early to change those 40 YEARS OLD fuel lines BEFORE your big trip! Maybe you think this fires are a rare ocurrence? It happens all the time.

You MUST carry a fire extinguisher at all times (if not for you, for the poor VW you see on fire). Finally, DO NOT take the risk of driving your newly purchased bus home without changing the fuel lines first.

fire bus burned bus

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