Part numbers for fiche page

Item #DescriptionSpecificPart number
01Cylinder and piston set1.7021-198-075/B
01Cylinder and piston set1.8022-198-075/A
01Cylinder and piston set2.0029-198-075
01ACylinder and piston set1.6 low comp211-198-069
01ACylinder and piston set1.6311-198-069
04040 head, dual port, bare1.6040-101-355
04Cylinder head, 1.88/73- 7/75021-101-063
04Cylinder head, 2.08/75- 7/78021-101-062
04Cylinder head, 2.08/78- 79071-101-061
05Stud for rocker shaft1.7- 2.0021-101-397
10Stud for exhaust/heat exchanger1.6N01-444-312
10AStud for heat exchanger1.7- 2.0N01-468-41
12Stud for inlet manifold1.7- 2.0N01-444-312
15Rocker cover T41.7-2.0021- 101-471
15ARocker cover T11.6113-101- 475/B
16Rocker cover gasket T41.7- 2.0021-101-481
16ARocker cover gasket T11.6113-101-481/F
17Clip, rocker cover T41.7- 2.0021-101-487
17AClip, rocker cover T11.6043-101-487